Fallout 4 First Impression

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I’m not sure if playing for 8 hours is enough time for me to give you my first impression of Fallout 4 because there’s still so much content I haven’t gotten to yet, but I can give you a general idea on what the game is like so far. 

The beginning of Fallout 4 was pretty fantastic. I created my character, talked to my robot butler, talked to a shady mailman, and played with my infant son. Everything was cool and I was blown away by how good this game looks on my rig.

Fallout 4 has been criticized for it’s graphics, but when you compare it to previous Fallout  games it blows them away. It looks way better than Skyrim too. There’s nothing wrong with the graphics here and people are too quick to bash a game over such a small aspect of it.

2015-11-10_00048Soon after I met my son everything went to shit. Bombs were literally dropping everywhere around us and we had to rush to the vault that we had, literally, just got accepted into. The last thing I saw before the vault door closed was a nuclear explosion.

I’m not going to give out any spoilers, but the opening to this really surprised me. Bethesda is not known for their great storytelling in their games, but so far Fallout 4 is really good and it tore at my heart a little because of what happened at the beginning of the game.

After I escaped the vault I was finally able to roam around this beautiful post apocalyptic world that Bethesda has created. I met my old robot butler and together we’re getting into all kinds of trouble. I got myself some power armor, got beat up by giant mosquitoes, met a dog, started a settlement, and right now I’m just roaming around the world completing side quest and fighting raiders.

Is this ugly to you?

It’s a lot of fun and I can see myself putting hundreds of hours into this game. In 8 hours of gameplay I’ve only encountered a single glitch in conversations. Some times the npc I’m talking to won’t say anything at all. It’s a long awkward silence that lingers until I click on my mouse. Everything goes back to normal almost immediately. I haven’t experienced any game breaking bugs yet and hopefully I won’t.

I haven’t gotten too involved in the crafting yet because most of my time was spent building Sanctuary, but I did create my first pistol and it’s pretty awesome. The customization options are deep and I can’t wait to find more crafting components later on so I can start creating more unique weapons.

The world is incredibly detailed and there’s always something for me to do. I have no idea how big the game is yet because I’m still in the starting area and I’m in no rush to find out.

I’ve waited a really long time for this game to release and so far it was definitely worth the wait.

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Share Your Thoughts!