Fallout 4 – How To Get The Deathclaw Gauntlet

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This post will have spoilers for a certain quest in Fallout 4. If you don’t want, a very tiny portion, part of your game spoiled for you then don’t click on this article. 

When I first got my Deathclaw Gauntlet I skipped it. I went back many hours later once a friend of mine told  me that a Deathclaw would give it to me for returning it’s last remaining egg to her.

Once I learned this I immediately set off to find out where I had been. It took about an hour, but I managed to retrace my steps and found my gauntlet right next to the egg that I had returned to the Deathclaw.

I started this quest when I heard a rumor from on of the guards in Good Neighbor. He asked me if I liked scary stories and told me about the Museum of Witchcraft. I was curious so I had to explore this place. When I got there I found a bunch of corpses and a really big Deathclaw that almost killed me.


Once I killed the Deathclaw I went into one of the back rooms and found a egg. After you get the egg you have the choice to either sell it or return it to it’s mother. I choose to return it while resisting the urge to have some scrambled eggs.


After you return the egg you’ll given the Deathclaw Gauntlet and it is a powerful melee weapon. Unfortunately my current character sucks with melee so I stored my claw, but I’ve decided that my next character will be a melee one since I know how many cool looking weapons are in this game.

I hope this small guide helped and if you want to know where something else is I’ll be happy to make another one.

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Share Your Thoughts!