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Fallout 4 New Character And Screenshots

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I can’t seem to say away from Fallout 4 for an extended amount of time. Here are some pics of my new character and the wasteland.

My first female character. I wanted to see how good the female voice actress is in this game.
Randomly ran into a little girl and her bodyguard… this thing :]

2015-12-16_00010 2015-12-02_00006 2015-12-16_00015 2015-12-16_00006 2015-12-16_00016 2015-12-16_00017 2015-12-16_00018 2015-12-16_00009 2015-12-16_00019 2015-12-16_00011 2015-12-16_00012 2015-12-16_00021 2015-12-16_00022 2015-12-16_00013 2015-12-16_00014 2015-12-16_00023

I’m really enjoying my new character. I think the male voice actor is a lot better then the female right now, but I’m hoping that’ll change because I really like Courtenay Taylor, Jack from Mass Effect, but so far she’s just okay in this game.

I’m using quite a few mods to make my game look the way it does. If you want to know what they are just ask :].

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