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Fallout 4 – Useful Mods To Have Right Now

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I have a few problems with Fallout 4 and these mods that I’ve found helped improve my Fallout experience. 

Craftable Ammo

Are you tired of using all of your caps to get some much needed ammo for all of your guns? If you are then this mod is for you! Craftable ammo lets us craft our own ammo at  the chemistry station in any of our strongholds.

There are requirements and you’ll obviously need to have the materials for them on hand, but this beats spending caps on ammo in my opinion. I like to use my caps to upgrade my settlements. This mod was a lifesaver for me and made playing Fallout 4 a lot more fun at the same time.

You can find the mod here.

Faster Terminal Display

Nothing takes me out of the game more then those slow terminal load up times. Some of them can take up to two minutes to display something. This mod fixes that and the difference is huge. I don’t have to go get a glass of juice, or a snack while I wait for the terminals to decide to load for me. I can keep on playing Fallout 4.

You can the mod here.

FAR – Faraway Area Reform


This mod improves the distant terrain textures in the game, but with no performance loss. You’ll actually gain some FPS by using this mod. The mod page has a very detailed description of what this mod does so read it if you want all of the details.

If you’re tired of looking at ugly distant terrains in Fallout 4 download this mod and gain some performance at the same time. There’s literally no reason not to try this mod out.

You can the mod here.

Improved Map with Roads

Fallout 4

The vanilla map in Fallout 4 is confusing for me to navigate because of all of the quest I have on it. Zooming out makes it worse because everything is so close together. I was hoping for a map similar to Skyrim’s, but that didn’t happen. This mod goes under the lifesaver category because of how much better it made my Fallout experience.

You can find the mod here.

Optimized Vanilla Textures

Fallout 4 Texture ModOptimized Vanilla Textures is not a texture overhaul mod, but it does tweak the textures that are already in the game to improve the game’s performance without sacrificing the way they look in game. It’s a great little mod that does a lot. If you’re having problems running Fallout 4 try downloading this mod and see if it helps you.

You can find the mod here.

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  • Reply
    Nov 23, 2015 3:08 am

    I need to start taking a look at some of the mods. Some good ones hear!

    Mods were one of the reasons I fancied getting Fallout on PC this time around. I never actually played around with any mods so I’m looking forward to it.

    • Omar Jackson
      Nov 23, 2015 8:57 am

      I was introduced to mods with Skyrim. Skyrim is actually the game that got me into PC gaming.

      Fallout 4 has some pretty good mods right now. They’re going to get even better when the modding tools are released next year.

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