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Fantasy Life 2 Is Not Coming To 3DS

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I just finished playing Fantasy Life and I really enjoyed it. You can just imagine my surprise when I learned that Fantasy Life 2 will be exclusive to mobile devices and the only thing I could think of at the moment was… are you serious?

The official excuse, I mean response :], is that Level 5 is going for a more mature audience. Meaning they want grown ups to play the next Fantasy Life game, but changing your platform of choice is a horrible idea. Not only are you slapping all of your fans in the face you’re not going to get good sales figures by moving this franchise to mobile platforms.

I personally hate playing games on my phone. They don’t have the amount of content or life that 3DS games do. I haven’t touched my phone, for games, in a really long time and I refuse to do it now because Fantasy Life 2 is going mobile. As far as I’m concerned they just lost a paying customer; two actually because my wife plays Fantasy Life too and she’s pretty pissed about this too.

fantasy_life_2.0.0I guess we’ll just keep playing part 1 until some sense returns to the developer or until Fantasy Life 3 comes back to the 3DS and we all know it will come back to the 3DS because the 3DS is the undisputed king of handheld gaming.

If you’ve never played Fantasy Life for the 3DS I highly recommend you give it a shot. I guess I’ll go back to playing with my Mercenary now since I know I’ll never get a chance to play Fantasy Life 2.

Thanks a lot assholes…

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    The Otaku Judge
    Apr 18, 2015 1:46 am

    Some mobile games are okay, but I’d rather play something on the Vita or 3DS. With mobile devices being so hot in Japan I guess it’s to be expected.

    • Reply
      Apr 18, 2015 8:43 am

      I get where you’re coming from, but if you make a game on the 3DS and give a half ass excuse on why you’re moving it to mobile platforms you’re going to lose a lot of your customers. I don’t know anyone that actually buys games to play on their phones.

  • Reply
    Apr 19, 2015 5:47 am

    When I read this news, I was so mad… and dissapointed. The result is a rant on my blog where I bash the mobile market quite, harsh. A friend of mine corrected me a bit, but I think this is a stupid move to put the sequel on mobiles. A spin-off would be better instead of a sequel.

    Or like Atari, it’s risky but they made RCT4 – mobile first. They use the microtransactions (that ruin the game, I might add) for the official RCT 4 on PC… Or so I have been told.

    • Reply
      Apr 19, 2015 7:17 am

      I agree with you. I don’t hold back when I’m ranting :].

      You should see my post about N4G. Fantasy Life has officially been ruined in my opinion. No one is going to buy it on the phone. It’s most likely going to be filled with micro-transactions and it won’t be nearly as long, or fun, as the one on 3DS.

      I don’t understand moving Fantasy Life from 3DS to mobile platforms, but i do know that I won’t be purchasing it when it does release.

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