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Figment Review

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I had a good time in Figment. It’s one of the most creative games I’ve played this year. Here’s why…Β 

The Great:


I wasn’t a huge fan of the sounds when I wrote about this game the other day. The soundtrack got much better as I continued to play the game. Since this is a musical/adventure game that’s a really good thing. My favorite boss is still Mr. Fart-bomb. And he had a nice song to sing while he was slinging his farts everywhere too. The voice acting is good all round. The main protagonist is actually up for my protagonist of the year along with Ryder (Mass Effect).


You play as Dusty, a cynical, big eared thingy that never has anything nice to say about anyone or anything. His companion is Piper, a bird that’s the complete opposite of him and together they travel from town to town while battling nightmares. The story here is good. It’s like a good Dr. Seuss book or kid’s film. Every npc has a different voice and some of them even rhyme. It’s a fantastic experience that I wouldn’t mind having again.

One of my favorite things to do in this game (that has absolutely nothing to do with the main story btw) is knock on random npcs houses and hear what they had to tell my character. The dialogue is always witty and I’m amazed at how many different accents they used too.

The Good:Β 


Some areas in this game look fantastic. The opening stages are all beautifully designed, but I wasn’t a fan of some stages. I love the creativity that went into this game. I never thought I would be dodging teeth or fart bombs. It’s an experience I’ve never had in my many years of gaming and I applaud the developers for it.


I mentioned before that the gameplay in this game is just “serviceable” and I stand by that. There’s nothing amazing about the gameplay here and it is repetitive, but, thankfully, there’s not a lot of combat in this game. Most of the time I’m walking through gorgeous areas with some kind of puzzle to solve before advancing to the next. Along the way I would run into a few enemies that has to be put down.

Fighting is definitely the low point of this game for me, but the exploration, talking to different npcs and solving puzzles made up for it. If you’re looking for a hard game go somewhere else. This game is incredibly easy and won’t offer you any challenge whatsoever. It’s more about the story than the gameplay and I like it that way because I know what I would do if I had to fight hordes of enemies with the basic gameplay in this game.

The Bad:

It’s Buggy:

This game is really buggy. I’ve had FPS issues and gameplay bugs. The gameplay bugs were the most annoying because it would prevent me from progressing to the next area. Thankfully I fixed it with a restart, but if I didn’t that means that I would have to start over from scratch and that’s not something I would be willing to do after putting hours into the game. Hopefully this is fixed soon because I can’t recommend a game that has a game breaking bug in it.

The Verdict:

Figment is a great little game. It’s creative, has fantastic music and a colorful cast of characters. The combat is the low point of the game and the bugs prevents me from giving this a recommendation. Buy it after a few patches release to save yourself from future disappointments. Game breaking bugs should never be overlooked and this game has a lot of them. When they’re fixed I absolutely recommend this game to everyone. For now it’s a buy at your risk.


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