Final Fantasy 14- News, Problems, and Thoughts

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Final Fantasy 14 has just gone into open beta and it’s apparently unplayable for a lot of people. Their servers are apparently full and you can’t even get in the game to create a character. Fans of the game are outraged that they payed their hard earned cash for a game that they can’t play.

To make matters worse Square Enix will not allow youtubers to monetize anything Final Fantasy. You would think that since Final Fantasy 14 did so bad the first time it came out they would throw their fans a bone and say,” sure why not we don’t care what you guys do with Final Fantasy 14 as long as you play it.” I think that’s an incredibly stupid move for Square Enix to make. Especially considering Final Fantasy hasn’t been doing so well lately. Square Enix basically just fucked up their free advertising.

It’s no mystery that youtubers help sell games. If a popular youtube channel is playing your game then other people will most likely want to play it too. I don’t think too many people are excited about Final Fantasy 14 right now considering you guys failed at your first attempt to make a decent MMO. Now honestly I’ve seen a lot of gameplay footage on this game and looks generic as hell. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before in an MMO. Do yourself a favor and skip this one. If you want a MMO without all the stupid rules of what you’re allowed to do with them then just play Guild Wars 2. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

Update: Apparently the new patch for Final Fantasy 14 isn’t working. People are still complaining about the exact same issues and they still can’t play the game. If they was any hope left for this game it’s gone now. Final Fantasy 14 is a mess of a game and it’s not worth purchasing by any means whatsoever. Stay away from this game. I have a top ten mmo list on here. Check out one of those instead of this.

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