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Final Fantasy 15's E3 Showing Was Really Bad

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Everything from the dude playing the game to the boss fight itself was poorly done in Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy 15 has been in development for a really long time and it’s been delayed a lot over the years. I am a long time Final Fantasy critic. I don’t like the series and what I saw this morning while I was catching up on what I missed didn’t persuade me to place it on my “to buy” list.

Final Fantasy 15’s combat looked like a joke. It’s a complete copy/paste job from the Kingdom Hearts games. Square Enix does not know how to make good action games and what I saw this morning proved that to me. There was no impact when [insert emo character here] hit the boss and the only thing the boss really did was flail around like a idiot and swipe repeatedly at the main protagonist until it was dead.

I saw lame combat, QTE’s [we really need more of those right?], and the same anime inspired characters that have plagued Final Fantasy for a lifetime. I was curious about this game because I thought Square Enix was going to give a real attempt at giving us a real Actin oriented Final Fantasy game. Instead we got Kingdom Hearts gameplay in Final Fantasy world and the end result, as seen in the recent boss fight, failed hard.

From what I’ve seen so far, the demo from last year to the E3 showing, this game is officially on my “don’t buy” list. I’ve seen nothing that would make me want to own this game. I know die hard Final Fantasy fans will undoubtedly go out and purchase this game, but I don’t think people like me will be convinced to take the plunge and experience subpar gameplay. There are enough open world action/RPG games to hold me over and I don’t need this in my life.

What did you think of the FF15 E3 demo?

And for those of you blaming the X1 for the bad FF15 demo this is for you :]


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Share Your Thoughts!