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Final Fantasy Explorers Review

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Do you like Monster Hunter? Then you might like this game if you can ignore all of the flaws. 

Final Fantasy Explorers is Square Enix’s version of Monster Hunter. The only difference is that it’s not nearly as fun to play in my opinion.

The Great:

Monster Design:

Square Enix has always had some really cool looking monsters for us to beat the shit out of in their Final Fantasy games. This game is no different. We’ll be smacking chocobos, goblins, and giant ass monsters like Ifrit across the face for 30+ hours, but it isn’t exactly fun to do so. The simple gameplay really drags the experience down from what should have been a pretty good game.

The Good:

Good Variety Of Classes To Choose From:

There are a bunch of classes to choose from in this game. Some of them had me questioning their purpose because any mage can use any spell at any given time, but we have a few different mage classes in the game like time mage, dark mage, etc. There’s your standard warrior, and rogue classes too, but there’s also variations between them too. My favorite class is the archer and it was probably the only time I actually had fun with the gameplay in this game.



The customization in this game isn’t bad. It’s not great, but it’s not bad either. Creating new armor and weapons kept me busy for quite awhile, but a good amount of the armor that I created looked bad in my opinion. I don’t want my warrior wearing a armor set that shows off his stomach and has pink shit around it. It didn’t appeal to me at all and none of robes in the game looked good either. I did find some really cool armor sets to rock my character out in later on in the game, but I had to endure looking bad for the first 15 hours.


None of the sounds in this game blew me away. The soundtrack is okay, but nothing special while the sound effects are right above average to me. The soundtrack is probably the only reason why this is in the good section because I did enjoy it, but listening to my character grunt the same sounds after each attack was really frustrating and got on my nerves on more then one occasion.

The Bad:


maxresdefault (2)

We’re a new adventurer to some unimportant island and we’re supposed to explore it for some reason. Honestly that’s all I can tell you because the writing in this game is elementary school kind of bad. None of the characters were memorable and it all comes down to doing random missions after getting a few lines of dialogue on why you should do the mission. If that’s your idea of a good story then go ahead and buy this game.


The most important part of any game is the gameplay. I wouldn’t call the gameplay horrible, but when compared to Fantasy Life, and Monster Hunter it is. The game that this game tried it’s best to mimic fails because of the bad gameplay. It just feels dated and it shows.  Basic actions like running around is really slow and clumsy feeling. The combat is completely average, but I did have fun in multiplayer because I ignored all of this. Playing alone is boring and I can only last about 45 minutes before I’m ready to call it quits for the day.

The thing that kept me coming back to both Fantasy Life and Monster Hunter was the gameplay. I can’t say the same about Final Fantasy Explorers.


This is where Final Fantasy Explorers feels really old. The graphics in this game are bad. They’re muddy, the character models are ugly, and world looks like it’s covered in a giant turd.

The Verdict:

Final Fantasy Explorers doesn’t really do anything great. The only reason why anyone would buy this game is because they’re hardcore fans of the series or because they’re looking for something to hold them over until the next Monster Hunter game comes along. This isn’t a terrible game, but when compared to games that are already out it just can’t compete and I can’t recommend this over any of them.


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