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Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Review

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Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest is one of the three different versions of Fire Emblem Fates. This version has us playing as the kingdom of Nohr. So is it any good? 

The Great:



Fire Emblem’s gameplay has remained the same, but also changed over time. The popular pairing mechanic that was in Fire Emblem Awakening is back and it’s better then ever. The more you pair two units together the better they’ll perform together. It makes getting out of hard situations a little easier. It’s easy to get carried away when you have two units wiping floors with everyone, but you’ll suffer from that later on in the game because your other units will be too weak to kill any of the late game enemies. Train your units wisely or your units will be to weak to defeat end game enemies. This is one thing I really loved about Conquest. If you’ve ever played any previous Fire Emblem game you’ll love the gameplay in this game.


I breezed through Birthright. It was incredibly easy. I still enjoyed it, but it doesn’t deserve to be mentioned alongside Awakening to me. Conquest got the difficulty right by offering us a more old school approach to the game this time around. We can’t grind our units up like we can in Birthright, and Awakening. Whatever decision you make while fighting your way to the end of the game is permanent. By the end of the game I had about 8 really strong units, but had some weaker ones too that couldn’t really defeat anyone without some help. It wasn’t entirely my fault because I didn’t get some units that I started using until really late in the game, but I enjoyed the challenge of keeping everyone alive.

The Good:



Camille, Xander, Ryoma, Takumi, and Azura have become some of my all time favorite Fire Emblem characters. There are many more notable characters in this game that deserves a mention, but this review would be way too long if I bothered to list them all. I think the characters are a step down from Awakening, but I still really enjoyed getting to know some of them. The cheesy romance from the previous game is back too and it’s always fun to experiment with weird couple pairings.


I have to be honest here. The story barely made the good section. I went from not caring at all to only caring a little until near the end of the game when things actually got interesting. I like the kingdom of Nohr a lot and I really like my sibling characters, but the writing here is average at best. Certain scenes lasted too long and felt dragged on to try and spark some sort of emotion in me. The only thing it did was annoy me and tempt me to press the skip button. I liked the darker tone this story had when compared to Birthright’s, but I feel like the story is incomplete even after I played through the whole game and that’s because this game was split up into three separate games. The story is a mixed bag, but enjoyable to fans of the series.


The soundtrack is another mixed bag for me. The battle music is good, that song that Azura sung was good, but everything else is just average at best. The voice acting is good, but rare. I really wish we could play a Fire Emblem game with full voice acting because the cinematic cutscenes had really good voice acting in them. I know these games don’t have a huge budget though and that probably makes it hard for them to do something like that. It would be awesome though.

The Bad:



I’m not counting the cinematic cutscenes in this game. Those are obviously really awesome to watch. The in game graphics are a joke to be honest. The 3DS is really old and it’s showing it’s age in games like this. The character models don’t look terrible, but there’s only so much you can do with new games on this console. I wasn’t impressed with the graphics at all and I’m a little concerned about the next 3DS Fire Emblem game thats releasing in May. Graphics don’t make a game though. A game with average graphics can still be good and this is a good game.

The Castle:

I didn’t like the castle hub in Birthright and I don’t like it here either. Your pet dragon is nothing, but a distraction and I preferred the map that Awakening let us roam around over being restricted in a castle with a crappy upgrade system.

The Verdict:

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest is more old school than both Awakening, and Birthright. It’s challenging, has a nice cast of characters, and a slightly better story than Birthright. I enjoyed the darker tone, and story more too, but I’m still left with more questions after completing this game too and I doubt they’ll ever be answered. Conquest is still a good game and if you’re looking for a good challenge I recommend checking it out.


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