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Fire Emblem Warriors Review

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Fire Emblem Warriors is a game I’ve always wanted. It’s not perfect, but it’s a damn good game. Here’s my review of Fire Emblem Warriors. 

The Great:


Fire Emblem Warriors is a mix between Fire Emblem(one of my all-time favorite game series) and Dynasty Warriors (Another all time fav) and they blend together well in my opinion. This is more than just a Dynasty Warriors game. I think Koei did a good job of implementing a lot of well known Fire Emblem features in this game. I don’t think they get enough credit for the job they’ve done here. The gameplay is the best it’s ever been from this company. Horseback riding is amazing and the fact that I can’t get knocked off my horse while performing combos is great. Xander is probably my favorite character in the game followed by his brother Leo and their sister Camilla. They’re my three strongest characters and they’re all from Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest.

There are a lot of sword users in the game, but there are only a few clones out of them. Chrom and Lucina are clones of each, but that’s literally it as far as sword users go. There are two horseman, three Pegasus Knights, two mounted mages, a dragon knight, a regular ax unit, two bow users, and two dragons. It’s disappointing, but I’ll get into that later on. Everyone plays incredibly well and I think they are so many clones because Koei assigned them to classes. All of the Pegasus Knights have the same movepool, but different special attacks. The special attacks make them feel different to me. I know it won’t be the same for everyone though.


It’s nice to see Fire Emblem in 3D. I’ve always wanted to see what this series would like on the big screen and I’m not disappointed. I appreciate the graphics options too. I can play at 60fps in performance mode or 30 fps in quality mode. Quality mode is great for solo play but lags a lot in split screen. Performance mode is made for split screen play in my opinion. All of the characters look fantastic. The stages are designed pretty well too, but the true highlight is the character models. They look so, so good.


The voice acting isn’t bad. It’s actually pretty good for the most part. It’s nothing amazing, but it gets the job done. The highlight for me is the music. Classic Fire Emblem tunes have been remixed with a bit of metal and it sounds really good. There are classic tunes from both Awakening and Fates in this game. The sound effects are what you would expect from a Koei game. The special attacks sound really cool though. If you want a different take on Fire Emblem music and you love the electric guitar as much as I do then you’ll probably love this soundtrack too.


I regularly complain about the roster in this game, that’s not because I don’t like the characters that are in the game. I just wanted more of them. I love just about every character in the game. Xander, Chrom, Lucina, Leo, Camilla, Ryoma, Corrin, etc. I could go on, but my point is I love these characters. I have no problems with the roster. My problem is the lack of classes in the game.

The Good:


I’ve heard a lot of negative shit about the campaign in this game. It’s true that story isn’t anything special, but I can appreciate a nice long campaign like the one we got here. The story never explained how all of these iconic heroes from different time-lines got together, but I enjoyed seeing Chrom have a conversation with Marth. I enjoyed seeing Xander and Ryoma put aside their differences and even become sort of friendly towards each other near the end of the game. The story is crap by Fire Emblem standards, but the campaign itself isn’t horrible in my opinion.

Support System:

There is a support/ pair up mechanic in the game. The pair up mechanic is cool. I can pair two of my units up and have them mow through enemies together. The second unit will not be an active unit, but they do get some cool perks. They’ll enter battle periodically to block attacks for you and even help you perform a double special move that does double the damage. The support system can’t compete with the vast amount of dialogue in the normal games, but it’s there. It’s half assed, but I still enjoyed seeing my support rank rise form a C to a B and even an A with certain characters. Raising your support rank is the only way to get some items that’ll you’ll need to upgrade your characters.


There is some light customization in this game. I can use various different weapons and even unlock ultimate weapons in the end game. Every character even has their own skill trees that can be upgraded by using items that you get after every battle.

The Bad:

Lack of Character Classes:

Where is my Oni Cheiftain class? How about the tanky Generals? What about the sneaky thief class? We have none of that it’s really disappointing. You could have taken Marth, Caeda, and Tiki out of the game and given us Effie, Anna, and Rinkah. Why is Rinkah not in this game!? I can drop many more names, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

The Main Protagonist:

The main protagonist are the worst protagonist ever introduced to Fire Emblem. There’s no other way to put it. They constantly make stupid decisions and I have no idea why any of the other leaders, especially Xander, would bother taking orders from them. They’re inexperienced and they’re not very interesting. They have cool ass fighting styles though so I guess that’s something.

The Verdict:

Fire Emblem Warriors gave me what I wanted from it. I didn’t expect the story to be a quality Fire Emblem story, but I also didn’t expect this game to have so many Fire Emblem features. It impressed me and I don’t plan on putting this game away anytime soon.


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Share Your Thoughts!