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For Honor Review

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There’s a new fighting game on the block and it’s pretty good.

The Great:


Ubisoft knows how to make really good looking games. This one is no different. For Honor is a beautiful game. Everything from the character models to the stages themselves look really good. The lighting, sound effects, and everything in between is top notch. This is definitely the prettiest game I’ve played so far this year.



Do you know how hard it is to come up with something original these days? Ubisoft managed to come up with a system that I’ve never played in any game before. By looking at it you would think it’s a pretty clunky, and slow combat system, but you would be wrong. For Honor’s gameplay is more then it seems. It’s not your typical hack and slash game like Dynasty Warriors. It’s slower paced and takes a good strategy to overcome your opponents. Even when I found myself going up against three opponents at the same time I knew I still had an advantage because of how well the block system is in this game.

If I move my mouse to the right I’ll block right. It took some getting used to, but I was surprised at how quickly I mastered this game. If I lose a match I have no excuse (unless I was cheesed by the system) because the other person had a better strategy than me. I would adjust my strategy and go back in there and win. I never found the gameplay repetitive or boring and when I first started playing this game I put about 8 straight hours of gameplay in before I put it down the first time. Now I have well over 30 hours of gameplay and I’ve experienced everything this game has to offer me.

The Good:



I love fighting games that lets me customize my favorite fighters. Soul Caliber had a really neat customization system in it and For Honor reminds me of that a little. I love that I can make my viking berserker feel like my own character by customizing him. As I played the game I unlocked more customization options for him like more colors, cool looking emblems, and even new helmet designs. I can customize my weapon too, but it’s nothing ground breaking. It’s actually pretty basic, but it’s still exciting when I find a new weapon customization piece to add to my berserker.

I think Ubisoft played it safe with the customization here. Hopefully they’ll add more further down the line or even in a sequel one day.

Game Modes

For Honor doesn’t have many game modes. There’s dominion, 1v1 duels, 2v2 duels, 4v4 death match, and a 4v4 elimination match. All of the modes are a lot of fun to play, but my favorite modes to play are 1v1, and team death matches. I’ve had some really chaotic matches that went down to the last two participates. I wish Ubisoft would have put a siege mode in this game like in story mode. That horseback riding segment was really awesome too and I would love to see a mixture of siege mode with horses. Make it happen Ubisoft!


Ripping into my opponent with a sword or blocking a killing blow from my foe sounds fantastic. The ambient sounds, soundtrack, and overall sound quality is actually really good and could have easily been in the great section of this review, but the piss poor voice acting really brings it down in my opinion. Story mode was a joke and is only worth playing through for the nice unlockables that I received after completing it.

The Bad:



The single player campaign did a good job of introducing me to For Honor and teaching me the way the game works, but it was complete crap. The voice acting was poor, but the cutscenes were nice. There’s really not much to say about it since it was so forgettable. If you were buying this game to only play through the single player campaign I would suggest waiting for a deep sale before you do or just play something different.

The Community (PC)

For Honor’s community is a bit of a mixed bag right now. People love making excuses when they lose, accusing me of cheating when I take out their entire team, and even talking about the most vulgar things in the chat. I forgot how immature gamers can be since I don’t usually play online games like this outside of ESO. For Honor’s community is toxic right now and everyone likes to bitch and complain about no one having honor when the first thing they do when they start losing is run away.


This won’t actually factor into the final score, but I thought it was worth bringing up.

It’s Easy To Cheese The System


Nothing is more annoying then fighting someone that knows how to cheese their character’s movepool. Some characters are downright broken right now and a good player can exploit their skills and keep us in a infinite stun move while taking our health down. There are ways to defend against this, but it’s annoying and I hope Ubisoft fixes it soon.

The Verdict:

For Honor is a really goodΒ game. It’s the best game I’ve played this year so far and I plan on putting a bunch more hours into it before I’m done with it. I think Ubisoft played it safe with this game because it’s a new IP, but the future could be really bright for this game if they support it. For Honor does have microtransactions, but they don’t break the game in any way. Everything that you can buy can be gotten if you put enough time into the game. For Honor is a great new IP and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for it.


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  • Reply
    Hannah Fearless
    Feb 20, 2017 5:58 pm

    Great review! I definently agree about the good and the bad. The community makes it hard for me to play sometimes!!

    • Reply
      Feb 20, 2017 7:30 pm


      The community is definitely one of the worst ones I’ve experienced in awhile. I actually just got finished playing and For Honor is having some serious server issues tonight.

  • Reply
    Feb 20, 2017 8:41 pm

    Nothing worse than a bad online community! I’m not a big multiplayer guy anyway, never have been, but boy when you find a bad online community, I nope right out of there. I’d never heard of For Honor but I’ll check this out! Maybe Steam will have a Free Play weekend or something.

    This game actually reminds me of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, probably just for the character models. Now THAT game has an amazing online community.

    • Reply
      Feb 20, 2017 10:09 pm

      I doubt Steam will have a free to play weekend since it’s a Uplay game. I’ve never seen a Ubisoft game free for a weekend on Steam.

      I used to play Chivalry, but never got into it. For Honor is a lot of fun even with the toxic community. The matchmaking isn’t very good either in my opinion. I’ve been on too many teams where I’m the only one that has experience playing the game against a group of veteran players.

    • Reply
      Feb 21, 2017 9:27 am

      It’s a shame when a community keeps people from playing a game. I’ve already muted my mic and I have no desire to talk to anyone in For Honor for awhile. Some people don’t even bother fighting. They just talk crap the entire match and get mad when we lose :).

  • Reply
    Feb 20, 2017 11:50 pm

    Good write up there, you broke it down well! I mentioned the other day that you can see a lot in common between this and Rainbow Six Siege (multiplayer centric, hero based, emphasis on planning) but I just can’t see myself playing it enough to justify a purchase. Glad you’re enjoying it though.
    It’s a shame the online community is a bit rough right now. Hopefully in time the unpleasant players will start to gravitate towards something else. In the meantime, just constantly yell “For Honour!!!!!” down your microphone whilst fighting.

    • Reply
      Feb 21, 2017 9:23 am

      This game definitely isn’t for everyone. I can ignore the community just fine for now. I think once the next big multiplayer game releases that crowd will move on and leave us in peace. Right now this is my favorite game. SFV has gotten more disappointing as time went by, and Killer Instinct is broken on PC.

  • Reply
    Apr 15, 2017 11:04 am

    Great game

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