Gangster Squad Review

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Here is The Cursed Son’s review of Gangster Squad

This movie stars Sean Penn (one of my favorite actors), Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling Jr, Emma Stone, Robert Patrick, Michael Pena, Giovanni Ribisi, and Anthony Mackie. The movie starts out with Sean Penn about to murder someone and I’m not gonna tell you rather or not he murders the guy, let’s just say that Sean Penn plays a great villain. Josh Brolin is beating people up and getting his ass kicked too. I hear people that say that this movie is a cliche but I don’t think so. The only part of this movie that was corny at first was when they called themselves the gangster squad but it was more awkward then anything.

This movie has some of everything in it just like Iron Man 3 did in my opinion. It has action, drama, suspense, it’s thrilling and somewhat funny.I don’t think that there is one star of the movie because everyone’s story is told throughout the film, Like in Lawless. I’m not going to lie to you guys. This movie was falling off of my watch list but then I said,” why not?” Josh Brolin isn’t one of my favorite actors but he is a great actor and believe it or not he can only make a movie better. If there is ever a red dead redemption movie, he’s going to be the star.

This is crime at its best and Sean Penn was perfect for the role of mickey. The thing I enjoy most is that this movie feels old and they try and make the movie as old fashioned as possible. I advise you to go out and buy this movie. Rent it or do whatever you have to do (please don’t do whatever you have to do) to watch this movie.

I give this movie 8 Axe body sprays out of 10 Axe body sprays. No I’m kidding, I give this movie an 8/10.

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