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God of War Review

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God of War is one of my least favorite game series of all time. I’ve never played a good one… until now. 

The Great:


If you would have told me that I would be praising a God of War game for its story I would have laughed in your face a few years ago. But here we are and I’m doing just that. I really enjoyed the new Kratos and his relationship with his boy, Atreus. I loved the character growth for them and how differently I look at Kratos now. The dad in me knows the feeling of doing anything for their child even be willing to die for them and Kratos proved time and time again that he’s willing to do just that for his son. There are so many epic moments in this game and I rarely use that word. Kratos started off as a pretty poor dad to me, but as I played I understood his reasoning for being that way and I even saw how tempted he was to hold and comfort his son during certain moments in the game. It was great and I even let some of my dad emotions show while I played because of some of the shit his kid went through. This game is fucking great. It’s that simple.


God of War is beautiful. I stopped walking plenty of times and just stared at the beauty of this world. It’s one of the best looking games ever made and it’s animated beautifully. A lot of love went into this and it shows. The developers didn’t cut any corners or get lazy with any of the areas in this game. It’s rare that I’ll play a game that doesn’t have some choppiness in it. Even The Witcher 3 did, but this game doesn’t. It looks amazing and performs amazingly. I had a few frame drops, but they only happened when I would sprint through the forge that the dwarf lives in. This game really shows what the PS4 is capable of and it looks absolutely amazing on my 4K TV. 


It’s going to be tough when I get around to choosing my favorite soundtrack of the year. This game’s soundtrack is amazing. Listen to this!

When this song started it gave me goosebumps! The voice acting is top notch and so is every other sound in the game. Hacking into an enemy has oomph, listening to chains rattle as I climb up them or sound of the water beneath me as I rowed my boat along top of it adds so much atmosphere to this game. The sounds are as close to perfect as they can get. They might even be perfect and that’s another word I rarely use here. 


I placed this here, but with a few caveats. I do really like the combat in this game. It’s brutal, fast paced, and shit can get crazy when you’re surrounded by enemies, but the biggest issue for me was the camera angle. It’s not good and it got me killed more then a few times. It would go crazy when I’m against a wall or fighting a boss and enemies regularly dodged out of lock on mode and hit me from the side. The combos can get crazy later on in the game and I eventually stopped locking on to enemies at all because of how annoying it is, but everything else works really well. Sailing in the water, climbing up mountainsides, and just walking around feels really good. I think the camera is a little too close to Kratos and I would like to have a wider field of view, but those aren’t major complaints. Most of the time the gameplay is great, but it can get frustrating when I died from shit that was out of my control. 

This game also has puzzles! And I can go without them being in a sequel. Don’t get me wrong the puzzles aren’t overly difficult or anything. I just don’t like puzzles in any game. I used to, but I think I’ve grown out of them. 

One of the highlights in this game are the boss fights and speaking of… 

Boss Fights:

The boss fights in this game are great. The game opens up with an awesome boss fight that sets the tone for things to come. Kratos is a badass and proves it time and time again in awesome cinematic cutscenes and basic QTEs. Most bosses went down on my first try and I only really had a problem defeating the Queen of Valkyries, but even she went down in a few tries. Still… I really enjoyed going up against every boss this game threw at me and I can’t wait to see what comes next for this series. 

The Good:


Throughout the game you’ll find various different armor sets for Kratos to use and you can even craft armor for you and your son to use in battle. It’s a really neat concept and one I can see expanded on. What’s here isn’t groundbreaking. Most of the armor sets are simple reskins of each other and really blue… But the unique ones look really good. I wish I could find new shields to equip though…

RPG Elements:

The RPG elements are bared boned in this game. You get a skill tree that probably shouldn’t be there and you can easily max it out before you’re even at the halfway point of the game. Well… you can max out your axe anyway. I have no new abilities to invest in and I spent the last 20 or so hours wondering what to use all of my hacksilver on. Why the fuck is the currency called hacksilver anyway?

Valkyrie Fights are Overrated:

The Valkyries were hyped to no end to me. I was told how hard they were and how I would get my ass handed to them. And then this happened – 

That’s how all my fights except two or three went. I walk in, open up a can of whoop ass, and walk out. They’re not very hard at all, but I still had fun going up against them all the same. 

The Bad:

Inaccessible Areas:

There are three inaccessible areas in the game. You never get to go to them, but they’re on the map. They’re only there for sequel bait and I dislike that. Usually developers would tease areas as future DLC or something, but the developers have stated that there will be no DLC for God of War and we’ll have to wait for a sequel to play the three areas that we can’t visit here. So why have them listed in the first game? Is the second game going to take place in the exact same areas? That worries me a bit to be honest. 

That Camera:

Yes, I already bitched about the camera up there and I’m doing it again here. The camera is this game’s biggest fault. It’s a huge issue for me and I don’t like how close Kratos is to the screen. It’s hard to see in front of him some times and if there’s one thing I want fixed in the sequel it would be this. 

The Verdict

God of War is every bit as good as it was advertised to be. It's fantastic, tells a great story, has really good gameplay, a shitty camera, and made me a Kratos fan when I thought I would never be. God of War is still one of my least favorite game series of all time, but if the next game is as good as this one that will most likely change. I love the new direction the series is heading in and I can't wait to play the sequel! This game is definitely game of the year worthy and it'll be interesting to see where this will place on my top 10 games of 2018.

Final Score:

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    Oct 09, 2018 10:33 am

    Can’t wait to finish it. I’m stuck on Spider-Man right now.

    • Reply
      Oct 09, 2018 10:50 am

      I completed (and reviewed) Spider-man before this :). Spider-man was great. One of the best superhero games of all time in my opinion.

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