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Guitar Hero Live Review [Wii U]

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Guitar Hero Live is the new Guitar Hero game on the block that offers us a new way of playing our music games. So how good is it? 

I used to sit up for hours and play Guitar Hero. It was at the peak of it’s popularity when Guitar Hero 3 released and from there it was downhill. Guitar Hero Live is an attempt to bring the series back while changing just about everything about the game.

The Great:



If you’re familiar with Guitar Hero then you’ll know what to expect here. A ton of notes flooding your screen that you’ll need to hit by pressing the required button on the guitar. Things aren’t that simple anymore though. FreeSytle Games has managed to make the game harder then it’s ever been by completely revamping the new guitar. Back in the day we had green, red, yellow, blue, and orange buttons.

Now we have 6 buttons. Three on the top and three on the bottom. I had to adjust to the new gameplay because I’m not used to going up and down when I’m playing Guitar Hero. Those six buttons can be combined to form nine different notes that everyone has to learn and it’s a real challenge at first. Even when I got the hang of everything it’s still hard because moving my hand up and down on the guitar is a little confusing on really hard songs.

The strum bar is also it’s own note this time. That means that there is a total of ten different notes that we have to learn, and master, in Guitar Hero Live.

Music Video Mode:

I haven’t watched music videos since I was a teenager, but I’ll admit that’s pretty damn cool watching the Cherry Pie video while playing it. There are over 300 music videos to play. At first I stuck to the ones that I knew and loved. Songs like What About Love, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, and Paint It Black are some of my favorite songs. Playing music videos isn’t the only thing you can do in this mode. You can also level up your rank and unlock cool new features as you play.

The Good:

The “Live” Experience:

Playing in front of a real life crowd in Guitar Hero was underwhelming to say the least. The majority of the live mode was really boring. The songs that were chosen were really bad in my opinion. I think I enjoyed three out of the 15 setlist in the game. When I say that I mean I enjoyed every song on the setlist. Other setlist had one or two good songs and one or two bad ones. I think this is the weakest Guitar Hero song lineup in the history of the franchise. There’s no Aerosmith, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Dragonforce, etc. I could keep going, but I think I’ve made my point.



The songs in the Live mode are mostly shit, but the ones in the TV mode are pretty fantastic. The previously named bands are also missing from this mode, but there’s some really good artist included like Heart, Pat Benatar, The Who, Disturbed, and The Strokes Hopefully we’ll at least get some Iron Maiden in the near future.

The Bad:

Connectivity Issues With TV Mode:

There’s nothing worst then being in the middle of a song and being kicked out because of some unknown server issue. I’ve also experienced lag in TV mode enough times to make me rage quit. You need to make sure your servers are perfect in a online only service and TV mode’s servers are far from that.

There’s A Lot Missing That Previous Guitar Hero Games Had:

There are only two modes in Guitar Hero Live. Live, and TV. There is no competitive multiplayer, boss fights, drums, or hyper speed mode like there was with every other Guitar Hero game before this one. Guitar Hero Live is fun, but it’s missing so many features that should have been in this game that I’m having a hard time recommending it to hardcore Guitar Hero players.

The Verdict:

7239_0263_GHTV Video1

Guitar Hero Live is a really good game. I’m having a blast playing some of my favorite classic songs, but the song list is just average when compared to older Guitar Hero games. I came in here expecting to play some Kiss, and Aerosmith, but that didn’t happen. There’s a lot of music here that I’ve never heard and that’s not exactly a bad thing, but they could have at least gotten more classic rock songs in the game instead of all of this other shit that I’ve playing through.


Despite it’s flaws Guitar Hero Live is still a really good Guitar Hero game. It’s the best Guitar Hero game we’ve had in a really long time and I enjoy playing this with my wife.

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