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Halloween II Review

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Halloween II is the next film on my October scare fest. 

Halloween II is the explosive sequel to the highly successful Halloween Movie that released back in 1978. Is this sequel better then the movie that started it all?
In some ways yes it is better but it’s also worse too. Halloween II starts off with Laurie Strode [Jamie Lee Curtis] being sent to the hospital with wounds that she received from Micheal in the first movie. Meanwhile, Dr. Sam Loomis [ Donald Pleasence] is still on the hunt for Micheal Myers after he shot him several times and watched him fall out of a second story window. Halloween II has everything we loved about the first one in it. The same cast, plot, and more awesome kills by Micheal Myers but it’s not as scary or as well executed as the original movie and it ends up being a weak sequel. That doesn’t mean this movie is bad by any means but don’t expect to enjoy this movie as much as you did the original Halloween.

What I did love about this movie is the amazing soundtrack. Once again the soundtrack to this movie delivered and made every scene I saw Micheal Myers in send chills down my spine. Micheal Myers didn’t let getting shot six times slow him up though. He still managed to kill just about everyone he met and I think the most chilling thing about him is we never actually knew why he wanted his family dead. He just killed them without reason or remorse and that in itself is scary. Who can trust if your own flesh and blood wants you dead?

halloween_ii_AHalloween II had good pacing throughout the entire movie. I never once thought a scene lasted too long. Laurie Strode went through hell in the first movie and this time around you can argue that it was much worse. While she was in the hospital trying to get better Micheal Myers snuck in and murdered everyone around her. The death scenes were done very well and Micheal Myers was classic Micheal Myers once again.

HALLOWEEN4I really enjoyed Halloween II. It doesn’t reach the levels that the original Halloween movie did but it’s still an awesome movie all around. This is one of the rare cases when a sequel, especially a horror movie sequel, is good. Most times movies fall flat on their face and is dragged on for years before everyone gets tired of them. Halloween II is a solid sequel in this legendary franchise.

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