Halloween Scare Fest

Halloween Scare Fest! – A Halloween Story

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It’s that time spooky time of the year again. This year I’m doing something a bit different than what I usually do on Halloween.

Last year I created something called the Halloween Scarefest. I wrote a bunch of neat reviews and top ten lists that all dropped on Halloween of last year. This year it’s back and while it may not be as big in scale as it was last year it’s still worth a read in my opinion.

Here’s a tale of a young boy. He was 6 years old with an overactive imagination. Every night for a few months he would get visited by something as he slept. His mother would kiss him and his baby brother goodnight and then leave the room. The young boy is me. This is the story of the monster that I named Shadow Man.

When I was a young boy I would see things. Things that I couldn’t explain. Is this the imagination of a young child running wild or was it real? Every night for months I would see a shadowy figure standing over my bed at night. I knew every time it entered my room because I would hear the door creaking open. It always started the same way. The door would slowly creak open. Making loud creaking noises until it fully opened, then our yellow mop bucket with wheels would roll down the hallway on its own. It would stop right outside our room and that’s when I saw… the Shadow Man.

I was so afraid the first time it happened that I hid under my covers. I could feel him staring down at me, but I was too afraid to look up at him. I just closed my eyes as tight as I could and eventually fell asleep. The next night the same thing happened again. This time I managed to get up the courage to look at him. He was pitch black. It was like staring at a shadow in pure darkness. He didn’t do anything though. He just stared at me. This happened for months on end until one night… everything changed.

I was sleeping and was awoken by the creaking sound of my door. I peaked and saw the Shadow Man slowly enter my room. He stood over my bed. I fell asleep staring back at him and a few moments later I felt something pushing my head into my pillow. I couldn’t breathe or move. I was terrified. I tried screaming, but nothing came out. I tried to kick and fight back, but I was frozen with terror. The Shadow Man had me and he was going to kill me. All of a sudden it stopped. I could move again. I got up and looked around and saw nothing. There was no one in the room with me except my sleeping little brother.

I didn’t know what to do after that night. I told my mom what happened and she said it was my imagination. I wasn’t so sure. Why would my imagination try and kill me? I wish I could say that night was as bad as it got. It wasn’t. That same thing happened to me a few more times over the course of the next few months… until it stopped. I never saw the Shadow Man again and to this day I don’t know, or remember, why it happened. That’s my Halloween story. Was this a child’s overactive imagination running wild? Or was it real? I’ll let you my dear readers decide for yourselves.

Happy Halloween…

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