Halloween Scare Fest

Halloween Scare Fest! – The Schedule

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Halloween is back! Last year I created something unique called Halloween Scare Fest. It’s back! And here’s what you can expect to release here tonight!

Last year I worked really hard on this event and was super nervous about how it would all turn out. In the end, I was really impressed and promised to make it an annual thing so… here we are!

Marianne Season 1

I recently sat down and binged watched the first season of Marianne and it was really good. I’ll be writing a little something on it later tonight.

A Halloween Story

Not everything I’ll be writing about tonight will be based on fiction. This is a story of something scary that happened to me when I was a child and it’ll be up later tonight.

Code Vein

It doesn’t get more spooky than vampires, right? Code Vein is a vampire-themed Dark Souls game that I’ll be writing a little something on.

My Favorite Ghost Pokemon

Join me as I count down my 5 favorite ghost Pokemon. Some of these Pokedex entries are perfect for Halloween.

And that’s it. I know it’s not as crazy as last year’s day-long Halloween marathon that I did. There are no top 10 list dropping today or reviews of any sort. I’m still happy with what I came up with though and hopefully, everyone that reads this stuff likes it.

Share Your Thoughts!

Share Your Thoughts!