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Hard West Short Review

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Hard West is like Xcom with cowboys, but not as good or interesting so far. 

I don’t know what to make of Hard West right now. I’m about two hours in and while I sort of like the game I also don’t like it too and I don’t really know why yet.

If you’re familiar with Xcom you’ll learn the controls of this game really fast. They’re identical, but I think there’s a lag to everything I do in this game. It’s not a FPS lag, but a animation one if that makes any sense. When I click on number 2 to shoot an enemy it just feels stiff. The mouse pointer is also a little stiff and it takes a few seconds for my actions to register.

Navigating the battlefield is also pretty frustrating when compared to Xcom, and Bedlam are both easier games to navigate because the camera doesn’t go crazy from the slightest press of the D or A buttons. The camera is really sensitive and just feels like it’s lagging ahead instead of the smooth experience Xcom gives me when I play.

894e440b167e90b9920ba1eb02159f19_largeThe gameplay itself is fun, but pales in comparison to Xcom. It’s nice when a bullet I fire ricochets off of a wall and pops a enemy in the back of the head, but I felt like it could have been better. Trying to get a good angle to shoot someone is hard because of how sensitive the camera is.

If I’m not in battle I can roam the world map, which cool, by clicking on a location and mining for gold, or talking to someone. There are no dialogue options, but there is a narrator that tells the story as it unfolds. The story itself isn’t very interesting or memorable, but the voice acting is nice.

If you’re looking for a game to play that’s similar to Xcom I would recommend waiting for this game to go on sale. If you can get for about $7 it’ll be worth it in my opinion, but right now it’s definitely a mixed bag for me. I liked it more than Bedlam, but it pales in comparison to Xcom.

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