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Has-Been Heroes Review (Switch)

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My first Nintendo Switch review is here! I’m loving my Switch and I wish I could say the same about the first game that I’m reviewing on it. Read on to find out what I think of Has-Been Heroes!

The Great:

Playing In Handheld Mode:

Being able to sit down on the couch and play anything I want is really neat. I’ve only docked my Switch one time to game on the TV. I use this thing as a replacement for my 3DS and the big ass screen is a major improvement over the New 3DS that I have. This game is beautiful in handheld mode and it controls really good too, but that’s probably the only great thing I write about this game.

The Good:


I don’t mind the gameplay in this game. Think of Darkest Dungeon, but without the turn based combat and you have Has-Been Heroes. Things can get chaotic quickly and the RNG plays a huge part in whether you’re going to have a successful run or not. In the 10 hours that I’ve played I haven’t had a single successful run in this game and it’s not entirely my fault. I play difficult games all the time, but I hate that this game relies so heavily on it’s RNG that I can’t put together a good team before I fight a boss.

Add in a near endless amount of enemies to fight before boss fights and you’ve got yourself a really unfair game that will only cater to a very small audience. I like chaining up combos and watching as my warrior mows down wave after wave of enemies, but I (always) eventually get overwhelmed by the amount of enemies flying at me in every lane.


I think the Switch makes this game look better than it should. I think if I would have played this on PC (a bigger screen) I would probably demote this to the bad section. I like how colorful everything is and I like the different biomes (if you can make it to them anyway) here. The character models look really good and so does the different enemies that I fought. Bosses look great and are animated really well too.

The Bad:


This game is about taking two princesses to school… There’s not much more to be said really…


Nothing really impressed me about the sounds in this game. The soundtrack is generic, the sound effects are generic, and what little voice acting that’s in the game is also generic. I just finished playing this game and I can’t recall a single track that I listened to during my multiple runs in this game.

The RNG Is What Makes This Game “Hard”

If there was a way for me to choose my starting skills or at least choose a single skill I would like to start a new run on I wouldn’t lose nearly as much as I did in this game. The RNG in this game is terrible. I don’t want to lose my first 100 runs before I can experience the thrill of winning a single match. There’s no guarantee that I’ll have enough money to buy one of my spell scrolls, loot keys, or stat bonuses when I randomly come across them. The whole system is broken and the developers have already said that they have no plans to change it. I really wanted to like this game because it can be fun to play, but I can’t even customize my characters skills before another attempt at this game. Other Roguelike rewards you for losing, but this one doesn’t. Every time I lose at Everspace I can take what money I earned and upgrade my ship to be better equipped for my next run. There’s nothing like that here and this game suffers because of that.

The Verdict:

Has-Been Heroes could have been a good game with a few balance patches and some sort of reward system, but the developers want it to stay the way it is. I can’t recommend this game to anyone because it only appeals to a very select few people. You’re either going to love the difficulty in this game or (and most likely) hate it.


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  • Reply
    Mr. Panda
    Jun 09, 2017 10:16 am

    Great review man! I like the idea of the game, and I’ve been clamoring for a hard game. I just can’t sit with an RNG factor determining whether you’ll make it or not. Maybe it’d be fine if it were a tabletop board game, but I like to be able to beat my video games. Glad you’re enjoying the Switch overall though!

    • Reply
      Jun 09, 2017 1:20 pm

      It would be a good tabletop game in my opinion, but, like you said, I like to beat my video games and this one relies heavily on it’s brutal RNG. Thanks for reading 🙂

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