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Hello, Minions! So As Of Recent News…

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I’ve joined the ranks of fellow WordPress user, Drakulus, to help forge what we hope to be a passable blog space for reviews of all kinds. Although the quality of our work does not match our wallets just yet, we hope to provide both an informative and entertaining site that you may return to restore the strength of your smile and feel-goods in which you originally left with.

Please support us, every view and comment counts.

ONTO OTHER NEWS: I, ThatLady, shall be writing reviews and other bloglettes on things you may not find relevant or had lost whilst becoming an adult. Fear not! I have not forgotten you! May my knowledge of useless and ultimately forgotten things wash over you with it’s nostalgic warmth like a good pint of ale! Behold! The Future Posts!

Share Your Thoughts!

Share Your Thoughts!