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Here Are Some Nice Fallout 4 Mods To Have

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I’m currently working on my Top 5 Weekly Fallout 4 Mods and I found some pretty good mods to share with everyone that didn’t quite make the list, but are still good to have in your game. 

Weightless Junk

Fallout 4 has a ton of things for us to loot, breakdown, or sell. It doesn’t help that I’m always running out of space for all of the junk items that I find in the game. This mod can either reduce all junk items weight to zero or just reduce the weight of everything in general.

Daisy Nukes


Daisy Nukes adds some craftable shorts to wear. They come in various different colors and add more clothing options for us to wear and that’s never a bad thing.

Gloves of The Commonwealth




One thing that was missing from some of the better looking outfits in the game are gloves. This mod adds 16 pairs of craftable gloves in Fallout 4. What more is there to say? Go download this mod right now!

ScratchMade – New Double Barren Shotgun Textures

Fallout 4

This mod re-textures the double barren shotgun. It looks a lot better in my opinion and I can’t go back to the vanilla textures after downloading this mod.

Harness Wardrobe 


This mod adds different variants of the raider harness that you find in Fallout. They can be crafted and there’s even an option to add them to the leveled list so you’ll find them on raiders that you kill.

Proto Vault Suit

Vault Suit Fallout 4

This mod replaces the vanilla vault blue vault suit with a better looking one. There are different colors for you to choose from and I really like the way this mod makes my vault suit look.

My Top  Weekly Fallout Mods will be published tomorrow so be sure to check back to see some more mods.

Share Your Thoughts!

Share Your Thoughts!