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Here's Some More Mods For Skyrim Special Edition

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Skyrim Special Edition is getting some pretty good mods already. We have a nude mod, a perk overhaul mod, and now a lighting mod too. 

Skyrim Special Edition is getting more mods by the hour. Here are the latest new releases.

Realistic Lighting Overhaul

The popular lighting mod for Skyrim has come to the special edition. There are some bugs since the modding tools hasn’t been released yet for special edition so don’t expect updates to release quickly for this mod. Read the comments that mod author posted to the community before you download this mod.

Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim

Since we have to live without Skyrim Redone, and Requiem for a little while we’re forced to look elsewhere for our overhaul mod. Ordinator isn’t a complete overhaul to Skyrim like the two mods I mentioned above. This mod adds over 400 news perks to Skyrim. Read the description of the mod and decide for yourself if it’s worth your time.

Ars Metallica – Smithing Enhancement

Another popular mod from the original Skyrim has made it’s way over to Special Edition. This mod lets you craft your own arrows, and lockpicks. and many other things that you couldn’t do in vanilla Skyrim and you still can’t do in this one. I highly recommend this one.

Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

Do you like playing as a mage in Skyrim? If your answer is yes download this mod. It adds over 100 new spells to Skyrim and all of them are lore friendly.

Immersive Sounds – Compendium 

It’s a known fact that Skyrim Special Edition has had it’s audio quality severely downgraded. Immersive Sounds is here to fix that problem by giving us high quality sounds. The video below will show you what does mod does.

Wear a headset while you watch it for the full experience.

More videos can be found on the mod page.

That wraps up the new releases for Skyrim Special Edition.

Upcoming Mod

Climates of Tamriel

If you’ve visited the mod page for Climates of Tamriel you’ll know that a special edition version is in the works. I’m really excited about this because Climates of Tamriel has always been one of my favorite mods on the Nexus. Hopefully we won’t have to wait very long for this to happen, but if we do I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait. I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like with Skyrim’s new god rays.

That wraps up the new releases for Skyrim Special Edition. I know I left a bunch of mods out, but I just wanted to focus on the well known mods in this article.

My next article will focus on other mods and maybe even some brand new ones.

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Share Your Thoughts!