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Here's Some More Skyrim Special Edition Mods!

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I’m modding Skyrim, again, and decided to share some new ones that I recently downloaded. 

I do NOT know if these mods are for console. I play on PC and will only answer PC related questions. 

Font Overhaul – Natural Typefaces for Skyrim

Let’s start with something simple, shall we? This mod overhauls the vanilla font in Skyrim to something better. The screenshot above will tell you a lot more than I can.

HD Torch Remaster


Tired of the ugly vanilla torches in vanilla Skyrim? Then this mod is for you! This mod gives every torch in the game a nice sexy makeover!.

Song of The Green

This mod adds a fully voiced companion to Skyrim with a custom quest too. The voice isn’t the best I’ve heard in a companion mod, but it’s good and I really enjoyed the conversations I’ve had with Auri too. She’s a great companion that I plan on using until I finish my current playthrough of Skyrim.

Whiterun Forest Borealis


This mod makes the tundra of Whiterun more foresty. The further you get from civilization the denser the forest will become. This makes sense because who would bother cutting down all of those trees if they weren’t ever planning on building something in the huge openness in vanilla Skyrim? This mod is great and I highly recommend it if you can run it.

Pride of Valhalla 

Pride of Valhalla is a skin texture mod with ultra high resolutions. It scales all the way up to 4k and will have a performance impact on your rig. This is my favorite skin texture mod right now.

Since I’ve gotten back into Skyrim you can expect to see a lot of mod post around here. I love modding and sharing my crazy game with everyone.

I’m planning on returning my popular Top 5 Weekly Skyrim series soon. I’m working on the list as I type this. If you’re a fan of Skyrim or modding in general stick around because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of it here.

Share Your Thoughts!

Share Your Thoughts!