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Hit or Miss – April

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Do I ever get these out on time? Anyways, here’s my late edition of Hit or Miss for April!

Darksiders Warmastered Edition (Switch)

I enjoyed this game when it originally released. I held off on buying the previous remaster and I’ll do the same with this one. Darksiders is not a series that I love enough to support it repeatably as I’ve done with some other games. 

Verdict – Miss!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission (Switch, PC)

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a card game. And I do love card games, but I also don’t like Dragon Ball Z. This game is… decent so far, but the battles take too long, but at least the story is original this time around and not based on the shit that just about every other Dragon Ball game is based on. So there’s that. If you love DBZ you’ll most likely love this game. If you don’t you won’t. 

Verdict – Miss!

Ace Attorney Trilogy (Switch, PS4, X1, PC)

Ace Attorney is back! And I haven’t played mine yet :(. But I will! How could I give these games anything less than a hit? If you haven’t played Ace Attorney before buy these games. you won’t regret it. 

Verdict – Hit!

Zanki Zero Last Beginning (PC, PS4)

Zanki Zero is what some people have jokingly referred to the goat fighting simulator. I can’t help, but chuckle a little to that. In reality, this game is a first-person dungeon crawler that reminds me a bit of Shin Megami Tensei. I’m interested, but it’s $60 (currently 53.99 on Steam) and that’s just too much money for me to pay for a game like this. 

Verdict – Wait For Sale!

Labo VR (Switch)

Nintendo’s shitty version of VR is here and I have absolutely no interest in holding something like that up to my face. Maybe next time guys. 

Verdict – Miss!

Anno 1800 (PC)

And Ubisoft missteps continue with the release of Anno 1800! I was originally going to buy this game on Steam. That is until Ubisoft decided to tell everyone (kind of last minute) that after launch this will be an Epic Game Store exclusive and if you don’t know how I feel about epic I recommend you click here to hear my thoughts on it. I’ll probably end up buying this on Uplay, but I will in no way support Epic. 

Verdict – Miss!

Final Fantasy X & X2 (Switch)

And the overpriced re-releases on the Switch continue with Final Fantasy X and X2. It’s getting a little tiring to always have to wait to buy games that I want on this platform because I’m not going to be an idiot and spend almost $60 on a game that released back in 2001. I will be picking this up once/if it drops in price further down the road.

Verdict – Wait For Sale!

Final Fantasy 12 (Switch)

Here’s the second overpriced game, but I’m not going to go as hard on this one because, unlike 10, this game actually has some improvements over the original game and I’ve never played this one. If I buy any Final Fantasy game this month it’ll probably be this one, but I’m still not sure if I want to spend $50 on an old game yet. 

Verdict – Undecided!

Wasteland 2 (Switch)

I think Wasteland 2 is officially on every current platform. For those of you that need that Fallout 2 fix you’ll most likely get it here. For everyone else, you can move on. You’re not missing out on much and there are much better games in this genre that I can recommend over this one. 

Verdict – Miss!

Cuphead (Switch)

Cuphead is one of the few Xbox Exclusives that critics absolutely adored. People will undoubtedly fall in love with this game all over again on the Switch. I don’t plan on buying it because I think it’s overrated and is not near as good as people claimed. I didn’t like the game at all. 

Verdict – Miss!

Dragon’s Dogma (Switch)

Capcom wants us to buy this game so they would be encouraged to port more of their games to the Switch. How many times are we going to hear this from them? They said it with Street Fighter, then Monster Hunter Generations, and now Dragon’s Dogma. I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan of this game. It’s okay at best and I probably won’t buy it on the Switch. I probably will though because I’ve never played through the Dark Arisen expansion so who knows… 

Verdict – Undecided! 

Mortal Kombat 11 (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

If I buy this game it’ll be on PC. Kitana smashing someone’s skull in with her butt cheeks was enough to justify this game for me. It’s between this game and Final Fantasy 12 right now. Odds are this one will win. 

Verdict – Wait For Sale!

Days Gone (PS4)

Days Gone is the big PS4 exclusive that’s releasing this month and I have zero interest in it. It’s supposed to have your cookie cutter Sony story that their recent games have released with. It’ll probably try to hit you in the feels and be “deep” and “engaging”, but honestly, it just looks like another open-world zombie game to me and I have Dying Light for that. 

Verdict – Miss!

And that’s all I have for this month’s edition of Hit or Miss. What games are you looking forward to adding to your game library this month? 

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  • Reply
    The Otaku Judge
    Apr 17, 2019 12:38 pm

    Phoenix Wright is the game I am playing at the moment. You’ll get no objection from me that the games are fun.

    • Omar Jackson
      Apr 17, 2019 12:51 pm

      I see what you did there :). And yes, the games are fantastic and people should buy them.

  • Reply
    Apr 17, 2019 2:55 pm

    I had a look at Zanki Zero as the theme seemed interesting to me, but the whole survival aspect of it puts me right off. I might finally pick up Cuphead with it being on Switch, but there isn’t much out this month that grabs me.

    Apart from Katana Zero…

  • Reply
    Adrienne Figenbaum
    May 03, 2019 9:09 pm

    I got a $50 Game Stop gift card from my brother so I’ll be picking up a gift card for the Switch with that. I’ll probably pick up some of the newly released Final Fantasy titles on the Switch and maybe Ace Attorney, too. I’ve been wanting to play that for a long time.

    I love Cuphead’s animation, but I know that game is WAY too hard for me. The music is good, too, but it’s not something I’d ever play.

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