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Hit Or Miss – April 2020

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It’s April. That means it’s time for another edition of my monthly Hit or Miss series!

I almost didn’t do one of these this month because outside of one or two games I honestly wasn’t looking forward to anything that released this month.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

I don’t understand the hate this game has received or the comparisons to Resident Evil 6. I really enjoyed the game and if the year ended right now it would be my game of the year. I love how people love to pretend that the original Resident Evil 3 didn’t have flaws and wasn’t super short. Resident Evil 3 Remake is fantastic and I loved every moment of it except that tacked-on multiplayer mode that no one plays.

Verdict – Hit!


Below recently launched on PS4 and I have absolutely no interest in the game. It’s not good on PC or any other platform that it released on so what makes you think it would be good on PS4?

Verdict – Miss!

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Here’s another game I have no interest in. I loved the original Final Fantasy VII and I hate the fact that Square Enix decided to break VII into three, or four, games and milk the ever-living shit out of it. Add in the fact that they’re pandering to Sony by making it an exclusive for a whole year and you’ve got yourself a game I have zero interest in supporting right now. I would rather wait for it to launch on my platform of choice (PC) and for all the parts to be bundled together in one complete collection.

Verdict – Miss!

Dead By Daylight (IOS)

Dead By Deadlight an average game on every platform. What makes you think it’ll be any good on mobile devices. It’s probably pay to win as hell on there too.

Verdict – Miss!

Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children

I love SRPGs and this one kind of flew under the radar on Steam. It looks really neat , but the odds of me buying it right now, or any time soon, is slim to none. It’ll be interesting to see how much this game drops in price during the Steam summer sale though. I also have no idea what Troubleshooter is so the fact that it’s advertised as taking place in the Troubleshooter universe means nothing to me. The gameplay does look really fun though and for those of you that love games in this genre I would recommend checking it out.

Verdict – Wait For Sale!

Hypercharge: Unboxed

I’m not usually into those PVP focused online shooters, but this one looks really neat. First of all, you play as toys and the goal of the game is the defend the hyper-core from other players. The game is advertised on Steam as having local co-op for up to 4 players as well as PVP. As I mentioned above, it looks really neat and it’s a game I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection. A nice light-hearted game like this instead of your usual military shooters is something I would love to try. There’s also a free demo on Steam that’s already downloading in the background as I type this.

Verdict – Hit!

Trails of Mana

I was really looking forward to this game, but the price tag is what killed it for me. I’m not paying $50. It’s not like this game got the Resident Evil treatment. It looks decent, but it didn’t wow me enough for me to rush out and spend triple-A price on a game that looks like it should be $30 max. I’ll end up adding it to my collection on Steam eventually, but I’m going to wait until It’s at least %50 off.

Verdict – Miss!

Xcom: Chimera Squad

Chimera Squad is a bite-sized Xcom game that can’t compete with any of the newer Xcom titles. This game IS NOT Xcom 3. It’s only $9.99 right now on Steam and it’s honestly the perfect price for this type of game. It’s not as in-depth or interesting as the main games, but it’s honestly a fun spinoff.

Verdict – Hit!

Disco Elysium (Mac)

Disco Elysium is fantastic and you should buy it. As for me, I don’t own a Mac and even if I did I wouldn’t purchase games on it. I have a beast of a rig for that already.

Verdict – Miss!

Gears Tactics

So I guess the “of War” part of Gears of War is never coming back. I know this is stupid, but I can’t help it. I hate that it’s just called Gears and not Gears of War. Gears sound stupid. Gears Tactics may have a dumb name, but I’m honestly really looking forward to it and I can’t wait for it to unlock on my PC.

Verdict – Hit!

Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage is back! This was my childhood baby! Of course I’m going to buy it and play the ever-living shit out of it on my Xbox.

Verdict – Hit!

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Share Your Thoughts!