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Hit or Miss – June

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I originally wasn’t planning a Hit or Miss for this month because there was only one or two games I was legitimately interested in and one of them is DLC. But I decided to go ahead and do one since I didn’t do one last month for the same reasons.

The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 is probably the biggest game to release this month and it’s been a very controversial game. I’m on the side of “this game fucking sucks” because it honestly seems like pandering to me. That didn’t stop it from getting near-perfect scores from everyone though. That doesn’t make it a good game and I honestly don’t give a shit if you disagree with my opinion. So I’m obviously not getting this one. I’m not a Naughty Dog fan to begin so…

Verdict – Miss!

Trails of Cold Steel III (Switch)

Trails of Cold Steel III is on another platform and it’s honestly a really good game that you should buy if you’re a fan of JRPGs. The Switch is getting a really good collection of them and this game is another quality release that I’ll have a review on in about 2 days. But I’ve never actually bought this game since I’ve gotten review copies on every platform it released on. It’s still worth buying though.

Verdict – Hit!

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale has a pretty horrible launch trailer, but the game itself does look decent enough for me to buy eventually. I can’t see myself dropping over $50 on it though so this is a wait for a sale for me.

Verdict – Wait For Sale!

Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor Expansion

The Isle of Armor is giving us our first glimpse of what a truly open-world Pokemon game could potentially look like and it’s honestly awesome. This little expansion has a lot of content jammed into it and I really enjoyed catching the new Pokemon, exploring the Isle of Armor, and battling through one of two towers to level up my new Pokemon. It’s fun and I can’t wait for the next expansion which should be meatier than this one.

Verdict – Hit!

Invisible Inc. (Switch)

Invisible Inc is an excellent game that deserved more attention than it got. It’s like a stealthy version of Xcom that has you breaking into different corporate headquarters and stealing their secrets. It’s now on the Switch I highly recommend it. I’m not double dipping on it though because I have the superior (PC) version of the game.

Verdict – Miss!

Griftlands (PC)

Griftlands is a unique little game that launched on Steam earlier this month. I’m not really into supporting most early access games so I’m going to wait on this one, but it’s right up my alley and it looks like something I’ll really enjoy. For now, I’m waiting on it despite the cheap asking price.

Verdict – Undecided!

Persona 4 Golden

This game was leaked shortly before it was announced on Steam and made a LOT of people very excited. Persona 4 Golden is breaking all kinds of Steam records and is selling very well. Atlus has to be impressed with the positive ratings and sales that this game has on Steam. I think it’s only a matter of time before we get more Persona games. As for Persona 4 Golden, it’s excellent and you should buy it.

Verdict – Hit!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

The next big expansion for ESO is here and I’m so far behind in that game that I haven’t even purchased it yet. I still need to finish all the Elsweyr stuff, but I got sidetracked by Fallout 76 Wastelanders so… I’ll get to this eventually though!

Verdict – Wait For Sale!

Outer Worlds (Switch)

I didn’t really enjoy The Outer Worlds and I’m glad it was part of Game Pass because it’s not quite what it’s advertised to be. It had some moments, but they were few and far between and it’s currently overpriced on the Switch (like most games are) and I can’t recommend it to anyone unless it goes on a deep sale.

And that’s it. That wraps up this month’s edition of Hit or Miss.

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Share Your Thoughts!