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Hit Or Miss – June/July Edition

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Every year we get some really awesome game trailers to get us hyped up for upcoming games. Half the time it doesn’t work, but here are some trailers to games that I might be interested in. 

Battlefield 1 takes us back, way back, to WW1 and the reveal trailer looked all kinds of awesome. I’ve never been a Battlefield fan, but this game might make me one. I don’t know if it’s a day one buy for me yet, but I am very interested in it.

Verdict – Undecided

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps

Can someone please tell me what the fuck was Capcom thinking when they came up with this shit? Umbrella Corps looks worse then Operation Raccoon City. Do you remember that game? It’s the game us Resident Evil fans pretend don’t exist because of how bad it was. Well this game makes Raccoon City look good in comparison.

Verdict – Miss!

The Technomancer

I’m not a huge Spiders fan. The last game I played from this developer was Bound by Flame and I didn’t like that game at all. Thankfully The Technomancer is the spiritual successor to Mars War Logs and I remember liking that game quite a bit. I’m really looking forward to The Technomancer and I hope it lives up to my expectations.

If you’re curious about my thoughts on Bound by Flame click here.

Verdict – Hit

Resident Evil 5 Re-release


My favorite Resident Evil game is being ported to the Xbox One and PS4. If you have this game on PC there’s no reason to buy this, but if you don’t go ahead. I can’t recommend this game enough.

Verdict – Hit

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

The first Sherlock Holmes game I played was pretty damn good. I expect no less from this one. If you like games similar to L.A. Noire you’ll most likely love this game.

Verdict – Hit

Romance of The Three Kingdoms 13

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a pretty good series, but this upcoming new release doesn’t look that good to me. It has all of your classic generals from that era in Chinese history, but how many times can you play the same game? Try a different era already and leave The Three Kingdoms alone because it’s gotten stale to me even though I love that era from the books that I’ve read. Do what Total War does and showcase a different civilization’s history with each game.

Verdict – Miss

Monster Hunter Generations

Will this Monster Hunter game make me a die hard fan of the series? I don’t know, but what I’ve seen so far is looking pretty good. Monster Hunter Generations is probably the only game of note coming out in July at this point and if it stays that way I’ll have no problem buying it when it releases.

Verdict – Buy For Now

And that wraps up this edition of hit or miss. What games are you looking forward to in the next month?

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Share Your Thoughts!