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Hit or Miss – September

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Every month I select a list of games to showcase in my monthly Hit or Miss series. Here’s what I have for this month’s edition of Hit or Miss.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos

A lot of people really like this game. I recently gave it a shot it’s one of only 3 games I’ve refunded to Steam this year. The humor felt forced (to me) and the game played too slow for my taste. I’m sure there is something to like here. I just didn’t find anything.

Verdict – Miss!


Switch trailer, but I bought it on Steam

Hades recently released from early access and it’s one of those games that I just knew I would enjoy because of who the developer is. Supergiant Games has made gems like Bastion and Transistor. Hades is just another really great game from this company and if you haven’t tried it yet I recommend that you do. And this is coming from someone that’s not a fan of Roguelike games.

Verdict – Hit!

Crusader Kings III:

I hate IGN but this review sums up my feelings nicely

I’ve never played a Crusader Kings game before this one so I can’t compare it to the previous two games in the series. What I can do is recommend that you go out and buy this game if you’re a fan of strategy games or roleplaying games because it’s arguably the best game that’s released this year. This game is complex and has so much going for it. Just buy it.

Verdict – Hit!

Marvel’s Avengers:

This is probably the highest-profile game that’s launched this month and boy are people torn over it. I think most people would agree that it’s a pretty mediocre game with a good campaign while others will blindly defend it. The problem is the lack of content and the fact that none of the heroes in this gameplay as well as other superheroes from their own games. Click here if you want to know my full thoughts on this game because I have way too many to fit into a single paragraph. Don’t buy this game right now. It’s arguably the buggiest game of 2020!

Verdict – Miss!

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning:

Re-reckoning is a Kingdoms of Amalur remaster (not remake) and it’s a game that I’ve always had a major soft spot for. Even though this game sold well the developers had unrealistically high expectations for it and they went under. The controversy is well documented and I’m not going to bother going over it again. This game is great and it’s cheap (on PC anyway) and if you’ve never played it give it a shot. The only thing that sucks is that I received the OG version of the game as a late birthday gift a week before this one released. Thanks, Bobby!

Verdict – Hit!

Serious Sam 4:

If you log in to Steam you’ll see Serious Sam 4 on the cover of it. It’s the latest game in the series and it doesn’t look that interesting to me. I loved Serious Sam 3, but games have evolved so much. Look at what ID did with Doom. I wish Croteam would have done something similar to Serious Sam. It feels outdated and looks outdated and that’s just unacceptable in 2020.

Verdict – Miss!

Port Royale 4:

There’s a lot of strategy goodness this month! I’m a big fan of the Port Royale series and I’m a little worried about Port Royale 4. It seems like it was dumbed down for consoles, but I’m still going to buy it and play the living shit out of it. I’m hoping it’s better than Port Royale 3, but I don’t see it surpassing part 2. Either way, if you’re looking for a nice relaxing game to play I highly recommend this series even if I am a little torn on this one.

Verdict – Hit!

Mafia Definitive Edition:

I’m not a Mafia fan. That being said, I am interested in this game and the fact that it’s a full remake from the ground up that doesn’t cost $60 has put this on my “to buy” list. Am I going to buy it right away? No, my money will most likely go to Port Royale 4, but it’s on my radar.

Verdict – Wait For Sale!

Necromunda: Underhive Wars:

Necromunda: Underhive Wars is right up my alley, but I’m waiting on it because there’s a lot of issues with the game right now. Warhammer games are either really good (Vermintide) or bad (Chaosbane) so it’s always a gamble (to me) which ones to buy into. This one looks like it could be really good if the developers are willing to put in the work and listen to player feedback. Right now this is a miss, but I expect that to change once some quality of life updates drop.

Verdict – Miss!

Iron Harvest:

Iron Harvest is the latest RTS on Steam and the only thing that’s kept me from buying it is the price. It’s $50 and I rarely buy games at that price. I would have to be really, really excited to spend that much money on a game and I’m just curious about this one. I haven’t played a good RTS and I’m willing to bet that I would enjoy this game, but I’m also willing to wait for the Steam Winter sale.

Verdict – Wait For Sale!

Crysis Remastered:

The series that started “but can it run Crysis?” has been remastered. I love the Crysis series and this is a well priced remaster at $29.99 on the Epic Game Store. I’m willing to wait for it to come to Steam and when it does it’ll look real pretty sitting next to the other two games in the series.

Verdict – Wait For Steam Launch!

And that wraps up this month’s edition of Hit or Miss! What games are you adding to your library this month?

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Share Your Thoughts!