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Homefront The Revolution Looks… Okay I Guess

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I recently watched some gameplay of Homefront The Revolution and it looks like your typical FPS game. 

FPS games are a diamond dozen these days. For a FPS game to be successful it has to separate itself from other games in the genre. Homefront The Revolution looks like a decent game, but nothing that I saw made want to rush out and buy a copy on day one of release.

I know it’s still early to be writing about this game since it’s been delayed to 2016. There’s still time for them to polish, and add more content to the game. I think it was smart that the game was pushed back though. The rest of this year is stacked with great games. I plan on owning Battlefront 3,  Fallout 4, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Yo Kai Watch, and a bunch of other games.

Homefront The Revolution is open world from what I’ve seen, but that doesn’t make me want it. It makes wonder if this world is going to be lively enough for me to want to explore and spend a lot of time in. The Witcher 3 had this problem for me. It gives us a huge, open world to explore, but there’s honestly no point since it’s riddled with question marks, and uninteresting things to do.

Hopefully Homefront is good because I’m interested in it. I’ve attached a video below. Are you guys interested in Homefront The Revolution?

Share Your Thoughts!

Share Your Thoughts!