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Hyrule Warriors Review

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Hyrule Warriors is a Zelda game that plays like Dynasty Warriors, but it’s different enough to not be called a Dynasty Warriors clone and for the most part it’s really good. 

Hyrule Warriors was the very first game that I purchased for my Wii U when I brought it last month. There are two ways you can play this game. You can play it like a Dynasty Warriors game or you can play it like a Zelda game. What this means is you can change the control scheme to your liking in the options menu.

If you’re a veteran of Dynasty Warriors you’ll feel right at home here, but I could also make the same argument if you’re a hardcore Zelda player like I am because of the controls. Hyrule Warriors plays just like a Zelda game and it has a surprisingly good story.

The Good:


If you’ve ever played any Dynasty Warriors game then you’ll already know what to expect from Hyrule Warriors. You’ll be surrounded by a ton of enemies and you’ll find yourself constantly mashing the B button to kill them all. You can mix up your combos by pressing the X button to perform stronger combos to help you beat the stronger enemies that are scattered around the battlefield.

There’s more to Hyrule Warriors then just mindlessly killing everything though. Some times you’ll find yourself running from one side of the battlefield to the other because of a tough boss that is threatening your main camp or another officer and you’ll have to figure out a way to kill it. You can’t just walk up to a boss and try hacking it to pieces because it won’t work. You have to find their weak spots and exploit them.

There are a few modes available in Hyrule Warriors. There’s story mode, free mode, and adventure mode. Story mode lets you play through the main story of the game. Free mode allows you to play through any story mode mission with any character of your choosing, and Adventure mode allows you to do random missions for unique rewards. This is also the only way to unlock some new characters.

When you need to upgrade your characters you’ll have to go to the bazaar. You can upgrade your characters attack, defense, or assist abilities in the bazaar. You can also sell, or combine weapons to make stronger ones. Make sure you have the Rupees before you attempt any of this though because it can get expensive.


This wouldn’t be a Zelda game without all of Link’s gadgets. The hookshot, boomerang, bow, bombs, and many other items can be used in battle. The only way to easily beat some bosses is by using these items on them before beating the crap out of them.


Hyrule Warriors looks better than any Dynasty Warriors game. This game is beautiful and it’s optimized very well for the Wii U. Every environment is rich with detail and the character models look fantastic, but there are a few muddy looking textures that you most likely won’t notice because you’ll be too busy killing things.


Zelda games has always had amazing soundtracks and it’s no different here. There are some classic Zelda tunes mixed with some nice electric guitar sounds. I never have any complaints with any of the Dynasty Warriors soundtracks and I have no complaints with Hyrule Warriors either. This game has a beautiful soundtrack.

The Bad:

Voice Acting:


What little voice acting that’s present in this game is alright. It’s not bad, but it’s really stupid that no one in the game has a voice. Instead all you’ll hear is Zelda laughing like an idiot or Link make a grunt sound in every cutscene in the game. It’s just stupid and it really takes me out of the game. It’s about time voice acting was introduced to Zelda games.

Game Modes: 

Aside from adventure mode and story mode there isn’t much in terms of actual content in this game. It’s actually lacking in that area. I never touch free mode in any game because there’s always something else there to keep me invested in the game, but I can’t see myself playing adventure mode for too long. Hopefully they’ll add some new game modes to Hyrule Warriors because if I’m ever going to reach the level 200 cap that they have I’ll need some extra game modes to invest into.

The Verdict: 

Hyrule Warriors is a good game. It’s not as good as Dynasty Warriors, but I would love to see what could be done with this new IP. It’s different enough from Dynasty Warriors to avoid being called a clone, but it doesn’t have the amount of content that you would get with a Dynasty Warriors game. The lack of voice acting really bothered me and while the gameplay is excellent, the game itself doesn’t offer much outside of story mode, but that doesn’t take away the fun that I had with this game.


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  • Reply
    Mar 16, 2015 4:38 pm

    Why didn’t you like this as much as a Dynasty Warriors game?

    • Omar Jackson
      Mar 16, 2015 6:08 pm

      I think I listed my reasons in the review itself. It doesn’t have as much replayability as a Dynasty Warriors game and I prefer the story of the Three Kingdoms over Link saving the day.

      The lack of any voice acting also impacted how I played the game. Dynasty Warriors also has over 60 characters for me to play as while this game doesn’t even have a quarter of that.

      Dynasty Warriors also has multiple game modes for me to playthrough while Hyrule Warriors only offered me two. Story Mode and Free Mode. I don’t play adventure mode because once I unlocked all of the characters I was done with it.

      I could keep going, but I think you get what saying :].

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