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I… Actually Had Fun Playing Anthem Again

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I have a weird relationship with Bioware’s Anthem. On one hand, it’s one of the most fun gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Its versatile combat is satisfying and I don’t think I’ve played a game this year that’s more fun than this one. On the other hand, every update Bioware releases seem to fix one thing and fuck up another. That didn’t happen to me tonight and that surprised me. Anthem’s new 1.04 update changed a lot and I’m not going to bother going over all of it because that would make this post incredibly long so I’ll just leave a link to the massive patch notes here and you can decide for yourself if you want to go over them. If you’re an Anthem player I recommend that you do because a lot has changed today.  

The biggest change, to me, is the field of view sliders. I’ve been wanting to adjust my field of view since I started playing Anthem. What I really like about this is that we have multiple sliders. There’s flight, underwater, etc. This is a game changer for me because I prefer my field of view to be a little further away from my character. Meaning I like to see my whole body and not just my back when I’m walking around. I also appreciate the underwater slider because going underwater has sucked for the longest time. Another game changer is the buff that’s been applied to ever Javelin in the game. I don’t feel so weak anymore even though I have great gear. Playing on anything higher than GM1 was a pain in the ass because it felt like I wasn’t doing enough damage to help out my squad. That’s not the case anymore. I wrecked shit tonight and it felt GOOD. Honestly, it felt like Diablo. In Diablo, you start off super weak and it takes time to kill everything, but eventually, you know you’ll become a walking death machine of doom. That’s how I felt here in this update compared to how the game used to be and I hope Bioware keep it this way because it’s fun. Emptying 50 clips into an enemy, unless it’s a boss, is not fun to me in this game. It’s not fun for me in any game. 

That’s what’s changed in the game. Here’s what the new update added to it. There are legendary missions now. A legendary mission has you completing story missions again for better rewards. You’ll fight enemies that weren’t there on the first run as well as get better rewards for completing it. Honestly, I had fun. My only complaint about this is that we still can’t skip cutscenes. If you’re going to have us grinding these missions for gear you really need to let us skip the cutscenes and get straight to the action. I expect this to change in the next update once people complain enough about it. The loot system has been buffed again and it’s supposedly easier for us to receive legendary drops and the buff is active on all grandmasters modes and not just G2 and G3. That’s awesome because G1 is still my favorite mode as of right now.

I can tell that the loot drops have been tweaked because I got about 10 masterwork items in 3 missions. That’s a lot. I’m hoping that I’ll get that elusive legendary drop soon since the loot has been buffed. I guess we’ll see right? Anthem is a fun game. I don’t hate it. I’ve talked about it on my podcast twice, and I gave it a positive score in my review. This update isn’t going to make me update my review and score it any higher, but it’s a step in the right direction and I think I might start logging in more often than I do to start that grind again. This game plays incredibly well, but it’s still lacking in content when compared to other games in the genre. I like where this game is heading and I can’t wait to see what comes next. 

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Share Your Thoughts!