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I Don't Want A Open World Pokemon Game…

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The only games I’ve been playing lately are different Pokemon games. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Moon, and Pokemon Omega Ruby have all been my go to games while I enjoy binge watching some new TV shows that I’ve gotten into. I’ve read a lot about how people want a full open world Pokemon game and I don’t. Here’s why…

I started playing Pokemon when I was 8 years old. That’s almost 20 years ago. I’ve played every Pokemon game in the main series and most of the spinoffs too. I’ve enjoyed catching new Pokemon, meeting memorable npcs, winning badges, and introducing my kids to the series. I don’t need a huge open world, gorgeous graphics, and a complete change to the formula to make me happy.

Changing Pokemon so much would actually take away from the experience in my opinion. Pokemon games are open enough for me. I can surf around, look for hidden items, and catch legendary Pokemon. Pokemon games haven’t changed much until recently when they decided to remove all gyms from Pokemon Sun/Moon and focus a little more on the storytelling. A open world Pokemon game might sound really cool, and look really good in our heads, but it won’t really be a Pokemon game. It would be something different and that’s not something that I want in this particular series. I like the top down view, cartoony graphics, and battle system of the Pokemon games that we have right now.

I’m all for refining the experience on new hardware. I really want Pokemon to go to the Switch, but not because I want a huge Pokemon game. There are enough big ass games out there for me to spend hours doing shit in. I don’t want Pokemon added to that list of games. If Game Freak wants to make a side Pokemon project (Colosseum, Snap, etc) and make that open world then I won’t mind. Just leave the core Pokemon series alone. Has anyone given any thought to how this open world Pokemon game would play? I don’t want to control my Pokemon like a action game and battle other Pokemon. I really love the turn based combat. When I think of Pokemon I think of turn based battles, and catching monsters. I don’t think about this huge open world with real time battles.

There are some things that I think should be improved in the series, but the way the games are structured isn’t one of them. I would prefer they take all that cash that you guys want them to spend and give us a great end game, character creator, allow us to play as teens (maybe even adults), and fix that goofy smile that the main protagonist always has on his/her face. How awesome would that be. I could keep going about improvements I want to see in the Pokemon games, but I’ll save that for another time.

What about you guys? Do you want a open world Pokemon game?

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    Apr 17, 2017 10:37 pm

    You’d think the downright massive world in Zelda would dissuade people from wanting Nintendo to “open world” every other IP, but apparently not. Open world works for very few things and they just barely managed to pull it off, doing this with Pokemon would be a huge disservice to the franchise. I think Pokemon X/Y was a perfect world size and I’d love a return to the old formula with the quality of life tweaks from Sun/Moon, just with more freedom and not being so stuck in the linear storyline.

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      Apr 18, 2017 9:20 am

      I think Nintendo did a excellent job with Breath of The Wild’s open world. It’s a excellent first attempt by them and it’s one of the better open world games I’ve played in the last few years. I don’t need that with Pokemon though. I’m happy with my Pokemon games the way that they are now. I think Sun/Moon are the best Pokemon games yet, but they are a little too linear for my taste. Hopefully the next games will give us a little more freedom like Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire did.

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