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I Got Back Into Xcom 2

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Since I completed Pokemon Moon I decided to go back to a game that I haven’t played since May. My first two hours into my new save game was chaotic, and incredibly difficult. 

Getting back into Xcom 2 is no easy feat. It’s changed a little since I last played it a few months ago and it’s not as easy to jump back into as a Civilization or Total War game is to me. Usually in two hours I can do about 5 or 6 missions and gather some materials to help me get a good start with my flying base.


That didn’t happen this time. As soon as I started the game I was bombarded by enemy troops. My first mission was a race against the clock. I had to survive until my evac was available. I had 8 turns to set up my defense, and fight off waves of aliens with only 4 Xcom soldiers. I managed to escape with my full team while gunning down over 20 enemies in the process. The reinforcements never stopped coming and after awhile I was completely outnumbered.

I don’t remember this happening in Xcom 2 a few months ago and I know I’m not using any mods that do anything like that. It was hard for me to build my team up because every time I tried doing anything on the world map another mission would pop up. The second mission had me rescuing a scientist and I encountered almost 50 enemies while trying to escape. It got so rough that I had my own reinforcements show up to assist me. I was controlling 8 Xcom operatives and it was really awesome. I strategically placed them around the map while making sure they weren’t too far from each other so I could get a quick evac once the timer reached zero.



I had to make a tough choice and leave one of my teammates behind as a distraction while the rest of us climbed onto the shuttle and evacuated. It was a tough choice because I didn’t want to lose a upcoming soldier like that. The guy had good accuracy and killed about 4 aliens before he went down too. I decided to make a run for the evac zone once I was completely surrounded, but I got shot in the back on the way there and died. The rookie died a hero while the rest of us escaped. It’s too bad I can’t give him a medal or something for saving our asses like that.


I’m about to tackle my first base and even though I’ve had a rough start I’ve only lost one operative and killed almost 80 aliens so I guess that’s a pretty good thing.

Xcom 2 is a fantastic game and I’m most likely going to jump back in before I go to bed tonight. If you’re curious on what I think of Xcom 2 click here for my review.

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Share Your Thoughts!