I Started Playing The Elder Scrolls Online Again

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In an attempt to try and justify my purchase of The Elder Scrolls Online I started playing it again a few days ago. I created myself a wood elf archer and started the game. 

It’s been a while since I bothered to play ESO so I was a little lost because it’s changed a little, don’t get happy Elder Scrolls fans it’s still a watered down version of the game, but it didn’t take me long to figure out what I wanted to do with my character and how to approach each quest.

I wanted to make this a stealth character, but it’s near impossible because every time I try to sneak up on an enemy and kill it someone dashes in front of me and kills it. One time I was trying to assassinate a boss, but Mr. piggles thought it would be a good idea to charge in and murder him with his big ass blade.

the_elder_scrolls_onlineThis is one of the main problems that I’ve always had with this game. I can’t invest myself in it’s world because I can’t play it the way I want to. If I want to fight a boss I have to charge in there and make sure I get a hit before everyone else kills it. The whole megaserver idea is stupid and it Zenimax has done nothing to change it.

There are stil a ton of features missing from this game that’s in every other Elder Scrolls game. You can become a vampire now and I guess that’s supposed to make it like an Elder Scrolls game, but it still isn’t. Some of the voice acting is really good while other npcs sound really lifeless and dull. I had to skip some dialogue because it was too annoying to listen to the woman speak. She had no emotion and I wanted to chop her head off, but we still can’t murder people like we can in Skyrim.

The guards react to your drawing your weapons now and they will attack you, but the entire thing is retarded as hell. Fighting a guard is ridiculously stupid and after my first time trying to beat one I never bothered again because it felt so foreign to me.

The quest are sort of like Elder Scroll quests, but once again they fail to get me immersed in the game. The entire time I was playing I was thinking about playing Pillars of Eternity and that’s what I eventually did.

I wouldn’t say I hated my time in ESO, but it’s far from being a good, or even decent, Elder Scrolls game. I don’t see this game doing very well on consoles because the majority of us already know to stay the hell away from this game.

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