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Icey Review

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Icey is a game I didn’t expect much from. I was looking for a nice palette cleanser after I finished The Witcher 2 and I randomly came across this game for a few dollars on Steam. What I experienced was surprising, and a lot of fun. 

The Great:


Take the Stanley Parable and add some fun gameplay in it and you’ve got Icey. The narrator in this game is awesome. I love how he contentiously tried to get me to follow the arrow and complained when I went off the path or just ignored him completely. I really enjoyed all of the dialogue and laughed out loud a few times while I played.


Icey is a good looking game. I love the aesthetic, the main protagonist, and world of Icey. Every area is filled with nice little details, enemies to fight, and secrets to find. Some of the bosses are designed really well and I really enjoyed going up against them.

The Good:


Icey is like the Stanley Parable, but with good gameplay. I can fight enemies in this game and it helped keep me interested throughout my 4 hour playthrough. I enjoyed jumping off a cliff when the narrator assured me that there was nothing down there or jumping across a huge hole in the ground to the other side when he asked me to jump down it instead. I enjoyed getting on his nerves by doing the opposite of what he told me to do. Fighting enemies is simple. I can chain up combos by pushing the two attack buttons in different patterns. Learning new combos cost money, but it’s not hard to earn it. I earned cash by killing monsters, and finding secret money stashes throughout the game.

This game does have multiple endings depending on which choice I decided to make by disobeying the narrator, or obeying him. Not every ending is interesting, but I enjoyed experience.

Boss Fights:

This would have been bumped up a notch if there were more unique bosses in the game. Some bosses are copies of each other and they even appear as regular enemies later on in the game. The few unique bosses that are in the game are excellent and fun to play against.

The Bad:


The narrator has a nice voice. That’s good because he talks a lot in this game. What’s not good is the soundtrack. It sounds like I walked into a club with the most generic club music that could possibly play. It took me out the game and I even lowered the volume because it gave me a headache. The narrator isn’t enough to save this category.

There’s No Replay Value:

After I completed Icey I didn’t have the urge to jump back in the game. I had experienced almost every ending and I was tired of hearing the same dialogue over, and over again. I knew what the narrator was going to say before he said and how he would say it. I was satisfied with the ending that I did get and I uninstalled the game from my laptop.

The Verdict:

Icey was worth the price I paid for it. I didn’t expect to be it to be anything like what I experienced. The commentary is excellent, the gameplay is solid, and I love the metroidvania elements that are present in here. The boss fights were all fun, but disappointing at the same time. Once they started showing up as regular enemies I shook my head because that’s lazy design in my opinion. Making me fight two bosses at the same time as regular enemies is a cheap way to make your game harder, but I enjoyed the majority of my experience in Icey and it’s a game I recommend buying during the Steam sale, but not for regular price.


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