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I'm Not Going Back To Black Desert Online

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After doing some research I decided to permanently move on from Black Desert Online.

I’ll be really surprised if I ever return to Black Desert. It’s not the game I hoped it would be and with the way things are looking it probably never will be. I play MMOs for a nice PVE experience over PVP. Black Desert has a decent PVE experience. You can get a ton of quest and go out and complete them with friends, but do you really want to.

My brief time spent in Black Desert was really disappointing to me. It’s a pretty dead MMO. What I mean by that is no one communicates with each other unless they’re looking for some PVP action. When I’m out in the field grinding enemies to level up no one talks to each other in general chat. I can only recall one time that someone spoke in general chat.

Black Desert offers a wide variety of things for players to do in game, but I honestly didn’t care for any of them. I don’t want to watch my character fishing for hours while hoping to catch something rare or chop down a million trees while trying to craft myself a boat to go sail the seas and do more boring fishing. Why would I want to do that?

I know there are people out there that loves that kind of stuff, but it’s not for me. The questing in Black Desert is very generic. All you do is kill shit and even though the gameplay is fun it didn’t save this game for me. The lack of trading is what really turned me off of this game. I can’t trade my wife anything. I can’t give her money if she’s short on a horse she wants to buy or give her a weapon for her class that I found with my wizard. My wizard can’t use swords so why not let me trade it to someone who can?


The customization is also really bad in this game. I refuse to play through this game looking the exact same way. The only difference is you’ll have additional pieces of armor showing on your outfit as you find stronger armor to wear, but I’ll still be wearing the exact same robe that I started the game in and that annoys the hell out of me. If you want something cool to wear you’ll have to pay $30 for it. I play a lot of Warframe, and Blade and Soul and those games don’t even do that.

The thing that really helped me make up my mind about this game is the end game content. There is nothing to do, but PVP, or fight bosses. I understand that this game is still brand new here, but even when they add new content that’s not going to take away the lack of customization or boring ass questing. I’m willing to bet that it’s just going to add on to it.


I think Black Desert will go free to play. Guild Wars 2 lasted quite a while as a buy to play game, but it went free to play eventually and I don’t see Black Desert doing nearly as well as Guild Wars 2 did. I’m not going back to Black Desert unless the devs change a lot. I don’t mind doing repetitive quest, I play Warframe so that should tell you all you need to know about repetitiveness, but I do mind the lack of customization and end game content.

I’m not a PVP person and I never will be. I like to have fun with my friends while questing in MMOs and as it stands I was bored with Black Desert by the time my wizard reached level 20. If you like Black Desert that’s fine. I’m going to forget all about it for now. This will be my last time writing about it for a really long time.

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Share Your Thoughts!