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Instead Of Giving Us Fable 4 Lionhead is Determined To Kill The Fable Franchise

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Does anyone here remember Fable? Do you remember what it was and how much potential it had? Do you remember how awesome it used to be before it went through an identity change and became a mere shadow of it former self? 

Fable used to be one of my all time favorite IPs before Fable 3 was released. Fable 3 was the beginning of a really big change that was happening to the Fable franchise. It wasn’t a particularly good game, but it wasn’t terrible either. I enjoyed it for the most part, but it was lacking when compared to Fable 1, and 2.

Fable AnniversaryFast forward a few horrible Fable titles later and we’ve got Fable Legends coming out in a few months and it doesn’t resemble a Fable game in the slightest. I’ve known  that since I watched some gameplay of it a few months ago. I haven’t had the chance to play it yet because I refuse to go through the incredibly slow Windows 10 store to download it so everything that I decide to say about the game isn’t violating my NDA because I’m going by everything that I’ve seen on Youtube that Lionhead themselves have shown off.

How difficult is it to make another Fable game? Fable Anniversary Edition was great. It was Fable 1 with HD graphics and everyone that’s played it loved it and that’s when I realized how much I actually miss playing Fable. I miss running around with big ass horns and murdering townsfolk. I miss getting crazy ass tattoos and farting in people’s faces while I throw up whatever alcoholic beverage I had just consumed with my fat ass hero.

I miss the goofiness of the Fable franchise and that’s just something you can’t replicate anymore. Fable 4 would be a dream come true at this point, but Lionhead has the weird notion that everyone wants to play there F2P Fable game with microtransactions that’ll force everyone to pay to play as their favorite characters. Do you know what would have solved all of this? A create a character mode with classes to choose from, but that wouldn’t get Lionhead all that cash that they want would it?

fable_legends_pc_xo-4It’s not like Fable Legends is a horrible looking game. If it was named anything else it would probably do okay, but it’s not. It’s named Fable and everyone that’s played Fable knows that what we have here isn’t it. Fable Legends is the last straw for me. I’m tired of waiting for another Fable game. This company obviously isn’t interested in what we think or how we feel about Fable. They only care about what can get them some quick cash and they decided to go this route because it’s proven to be successful with games like Killer Instinct. Killer Instinct is successful because it didn’t change the formula that made Killer Instinct such a great game back in the day. Fable Legends has literally changed everything that we know about Fable and they’re trying to impress us with it’s pretty graphics, and subpar gameplay, but everything that I’ve seen tells me that this game is going to fail.

I’ve officially given up on Fable. It’s been fun while it lasted, but Fable obviously isn’t going to go back to what made it a smash hit. I’ll always remember all the fun I had while playing the old Fable games and I’ll cherish those memories forever, but I refuse to support Fable Legends and the direction that the Fable series has gone down. R.I.P. Fable… it’s been a good ride, but everything eventually has to come to an end.

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Share Your Thoughts!