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Invisible Inc Review

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Invisible Inc is a stealth/strategy game that puts us in control of highly trained spys that go around world completing missions and stealing resources. It has that Xcom feeling to it, but with a stealth twist to it and honestly it works well. 

Invisible Inc is a hard game. If you make a mistake in out in the field you’ll pay for it. Like Xcom, Invisible Inc has permadeath and believe me when I say you’re going to lose a lot in this game. The game itself is short, but it has a ton of replayability.

The Good: 


If you like Xcom then you’ll most likely love this game. The only difference is instead of having assault rifles and fighting aliens you’re sneaking around corporate buildings stealing secrets, money, and guns. It took me quite a while to get my first gun, but even when I did I chose to only use it in emergency situations.

One thing I really liked during my playthrough of Invisible Inc was the way the security system worked. The longer you take to complete a mission the harder it becomes. At first you’ll only have to sneak around a handful of guards, but eventually you’ll be fighting trained soldiers with assault rifles and even droids. Completing your missions fast is the key to a safe victory If one of your agents fall in battle you can carry them to extraction point to save their lives if you don’t have the necessary equipment to bring them back on the spot. This is an awesome mechanic in the game and it added immersion to my playthrough too. I wouldn’t just leave my bleeding comrade out in the field to die. I would do everything I could to save their life and I love that you could do that in this game.

In addition to avoiding security guards, and drones you’ll also have to keep a look out for hidden security cameras, safes, and even hidden viruses. You can use your A.I friend, Incognita, to hack into just about everything to make things a little easier for you, but she only has a limited amount of power and once you use it up it takes a while to come back. The viruses that you encounter can harm Incognita in various different ways. Some of them will make it cost double the power to do simple things like hack a camera, but more intense ones can really do some damage. It’s best not to be too careless when you’re out hacking into things. You never know what might happen.


Invisible Inc is a good looking game. It won’t wow you in any way, but it got the job done. The character models are great, but I would have loved a bit more variety in the stages. Every stage changes as you pass or fail them, but there just isn’t enough variety in them. After the first few stages you’ll notice that you’ll be repeating them often, but in different orders because they randomly generate every time you start a new level.

Spy Gadgets:

There are multiple items at your disposal in Invisible Inc and each of them do something really cool. If you come across a terminal that sells items you’ll be doing yourself a favor by picking up a few of them to use against your enemies. My favorite gadget is the camera that I toss into a room. I would toss a small camera into a dark room and watch it show me where everything is. It made me feel like Sam Fisher, but without his awesome suit. My enemies also had some pretty sweet gadgets to use against me that made my life a living hell. Once they think someone is in the building with them they’ll stop at nothing to find you. There’s a device that they’ll plant on the floor that’ll tell them exactly where you’re hiding in a few turns if you don’t disable it. There’s a also a grenade that does the exact same thing and while I hate it when it’s used on me I can’t help, but say awesome every single time it happens.


The story here is simple. Your secret base was found and an evil corporation killed/captured all of the spies working for it and you’re out for revenge. Your handler will give you new missions, but you only have three days to do them. You’ll have to plan carefully which missions are worth your time before the last fight happens. The voice acting is really good in this game too.


Invisible Inc has a ton of replayability. If you like Xcom than you’ll love this game. The gameplay is good/hard enough to keep veterans entertained for hours. If you’re not into difficult games don’t worry because there are a ton of options available to make the easier for you.

invisible-inc-screen1The Bad:

Lack Of In Game Store:

You would expect secret spies to have contacts that would give them new weapons, and gadgets. That’s not the case in Invisible Inc. The only supplier that you do have will only sell you a single item after every mission. He doesn’t have supplies that you can just buy. Instead you’ll have to find them out in the field. Hopefully we’ll get a real in game store patched in or added in a sequel.

The Game Is Too Short To Justify The Price Tag:

Invisible Inc can be completed in under 5 hours. If this was a $10 I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but it’s not. It’s $19.99 and for it to only be 5 hours long might feel like a bit too much to some people. I think it’s a quality purchase, but not everyone will and I thought it should be mentioned.

The Verdict:

Invisible Inc is a fantastic game that has a ton of replay value. It successfully mixed strategy and stealth together and it feels like a stealth version of Xcom. If you’re into either genre I think you’ll have a really good time with this game. If the short length is a problem you can always pick up on sale at some point, but I highly recommend buying this title. I think it’s worth every dollar.



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