Jerry Rice Jr. To Try Out For The Ravens On Friday

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Jerry Rice Jr. the son of the legendary Jerry Rice is supposed to try out for the Ravens on Friday. He was undrafted in the draft because there simply isn’t enough footage of him playing football right now. Jerry Rice Jr. caught 11 passes for 86 yards last season in college. He ended the year with his very first touchdown. If Jerry Rice Jr. has the skills, in my opinion he does not, than go for it. Give the man a job and lets see if he can be the next Jerry Rice.

Honestly I think he’s trying to get a job by using his father’s legacy as a stepping stone and that should never be the way a guy lands a job. It should be based off of his skills as a receiver not on his daddy was because you’re not going to get his father catching those balls. Jerry Rice Jr. is 5-foot – 11 son isn’t that fast or productive and I think any team that gets him right now is taking a big leap of faith that he ultimately won’t live up to because of the big shoes he would have to fill.

Let the kid work on his craft a little more. Let him get some skills before you give him a job. Jerry Rice was great his whole life. He dominated the 80’s 90’s, and even part of the 2000’s. What other receiver do you know that can do something like that?

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