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JRPGs Are Making A Comeback

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I can criticize the hell out of JRPGs. I can give you 100’s of reasons why they don’t sell well, but it seems like JRPGs are trying to make a comeback doesn’t it? 

I’ve been addicted to Xenoblade Chronicles X since it released. Unfortunately I got sick and couldn’t do much gaming on it the last few days, but I plan on playing the crap out of it today because I’m doped up on meds and I’m ready to do some gaming.

That being said I couldn’t help, but notice all of JRPGs that’s released this year and even though some of them don’t interest me I have purchased a few. That surprised me at first because I’m not a JRPG fan anymore. My days of playing Lost Odyssey, Phantasy Star, and The Legend of Dragoon are long behind me, but JRPGs have changed.


It’s the not the same stale formula in each game anymore. Back in the day all JRPGs had one thing in common and that was the gameplay. This year we’ve got more traditional JRPGs like Etrian Odyssey Untold 2, and Tales of Zestiria to more action oriented games like Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Tales of Zestiria has an amazing score on Steam with 91%. I’m sure most of them are die hard fans of the series, but it’s impressive nonetheless when you consider the fact that it released on PC this year and it was a best seller for a while.

Then there’s upcoming games like Rainbow Skies, and Rainbow Moon that are making their way to the PS4 next year. There’s also two JRPGs in development for the Xbox One. I’m not interested in your average JRPG that caters to nostalgic fanboys though. I want something innovative like Xenoblade. I’ve never played Xenoblade before and I’m amazed on what I missed out on. It’s a contender for game of the year in my book.


I really enjoyed Rainbow Moon when it released on the PS3. It’s unfortunate that I don’t own a PS4 because I know I would really enjoy the sequel. JRPGs went through a long period of mediocrity. It was stale release after stale release and sales dropped because people like me stopped buying them. Xenoblade Chronicles X, Etrian Odyssey, and Personal 5 should breath some life back into the genre. I’m willing to try out Persona simply because I’m trying to get back into JRPGs.

Xenoblade doesn’t feel like your average JRPG while Etrian Odyssey does, but it’s fun for short burst. I think a big reason why JRPGs are a little more successful is because they’re coming to PC more often. Most of the ports are pretty terrible and I recommend using a controller with them, but they’re there if you want them. The only JRPG I own on PC is a pretty old one called The Last Remnant.

There are some pretty good looking upcoming JRPGs too. I’m interested in Edge of Eternity, and Persona 5. I’m not really sure if I’ll like them because they’re more traditional JRPGs, but I’m willing to give them a shot. If you’re a long time fan of JRPGs don’t take this article the wrong way and I’m open to suggestions to other JRPGs. If I find them interesting I’ll check them out and write about them.

Who would have though that a JRPG would be a game of the year contender for me? If you’re a regular reader of mine you’ll know that I don’t play them and when I never have much good to say about them.

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Share Your Thoughts!