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Langrisser Review

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Langrisser I & II dropped on the Switch recently and I’ve had a chance to experience these classic games for the first time. So how good is this Fire Emblem type SRPG?

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this game from Nis America.

I will be reviewing both games in this bundle separately. The next part will be released soon after this one.

The Great:


I love that I can see the different branching paths that my characters can go through as I level them up and spend their skill points. Do I want to be your average horsemen or fly on a freaking dragon! I can also outfit my units with different weapons and armor as I progressed through the story. I spent a lot of time looking at my characters’ stats and buying them new gear before I progressed to the next stage.

The Good:


I debated a lot about where to place the gameplay section of this review. I do like the gameplay, but it takes way too long to complete maps. It’s really slow based while in a game like Fire Emblem I could complete multiple maps in the amount of time it would take me to complete a single map in this one. I also don’t like how long it takes for single battles to play out so I just skipped 95% of them by pressing B.

The maps are large and designed well enough for a game that released in the 90s. I enjoy using my OP warrior units and watching them destroy everything around them. Some maps can only be won by completing certain objectives and my favorite maps just required me to murder everyone. Langrisser is different than Fire Emblem. In Fire Emblem, you only have a single overpowered unit taking on mobs of enemies while be careful not to fight something that’s strong against your weapon type. In Langrisser, you’ve got your hero unit surrounded by their bodyguards that’ll follow you around and fight with you. They get a major attack boost if you place them in your hero’s vicinity.

As long as you fight as a unit and don’t get too far ahead of your other units you can easily win any fight you engage in. I really like this, but the slow speed of the game eventually wore on me and I just wanted it to be over.


I don’t like the remastered graphics in this game. It looks like the phone game on my tablet. Thankfully, you’re given the option of if you want to play in remaster mode or in the original graphical style that the game released in. One neat thing about this game is that it ran incredibly well on my Nintendo Switch Lite. It was a smooth experience and after playing Disaster Report 4 that’s a good thing.

If you like cute graphical styles you’ll most likely love the way this game looks. I wish they would have taken inspiration from one of the many Fire Emblem games out there and went with a different graphical approach over what we got here. It’s not ugly. It’s just not my style.


I’m not a huge fan of the soundtrack in this game, but I do like some of the tracks that played. There’s a lot of electric guitar (which I usually LOVE to death in games), but I just wasn’t feeling a lot of the music in this game. I really dug the main menu theme, but the battle music that played constantly eventually wore me down. It’s not bad, but it’s not Fire Emblem levels of fantastic either. Fire Emblem knew when to dial up the music and when to let it die down and play softly in the background until you actually engaged an enemy in battle. I wish this Langrisser Remake would’ve done something similar. I’ll write it again… the music here isn’t bad. It’s just not very memorable.

The Bad:


I never cared about what was going on in the story. I didn’t care that the main protagonist’s father died or that he had to reclaim his kingdom. None of the dialogue is very good and all of the characters that were introduced was honestly very boring. The story did nothing for me and I’m hoping that part 2 does a better job at making me care about what’s going on and introduces some interesting characters. All of it fell flat for me and games like this should tell a good story.

The Verdict

Langrisser is a solid game with a lot of issues. The battles play out too slow, the story is as uninteresting as they come, and there's not a single memorable character in the entire game. But I really liked the fact that every character had other units around them in battle and even though the game plays slow that doesn't mean it's bad. I really did enjoy the battles and customizing my team before a big fight.

Final Score :

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