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Lets Talk About Andrzej Sapkowski (Again)!

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I couldn’t help, but smile when I read what Andrzej Sapkowski is up to these days… This dude just doesn’t stop does he?

Andrzej Sapkowski is suing CD Projekt Red. Yes, you read that correctly. Many years ago Sapkowski sold the rights of The Witcher video game adaption of his work. He regrets that decision and decided to go against the contract he signed and sue the company… 

I have no words to describe how stupid this is. I’m baffled and that rarely happens to me. CD Projekt Red being the awesome company that they are pretty much told Sapkowski to fuck off, but in a nice way. They know they have nothing to fear and that they’ll win in court. This all comes down to jealousy. Andrzej Sapkowski is jealous because of how popular The Witcher video games have become. They’re a worldwide sensation and CD Projekt Red isn’t considered a small indie game developer anymore. They’re hotshots now and he wants some of that pie. Instead of being grateful that the games bought a bigger audience to his books and helped them sell well he takes every chance to insult the games and the people that play them. This is the same guy that claims that he only associates himself with intelligent people. He’s still an asshole and probably a little senile too since he’s doing this.

I’ll end it at that and ask you what you think of this situation? Do you agree with Andrzej Sapkowski’s claims? 

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    Oct 02, 2018 6:06 pm

    Without reading into it more, I would think that the contracts are likely pretty water tight. That ebignt eh case, unless there was a clause whereby he could claim more money if the gmaes are a hit, I don’t see what he could possibly sue them for? He sold the rights, they’ve amde good use of them. Obviously, if he feels like he’s got a bum deal out of it now, that’s a shame, but the contracts are legally binding.

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    The Shameful Narcissist
    Oct 15, 2018 6:37 pm

    If he signed away his rights for The Witcher then it’s pretty much a done deal. It sounds like he has sour grapes about it and that’s why he’s insulting gamers and the concept of gaming in general. I can understand being salty about how successful the games were, but he just sounds like an asshole at this point.

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