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Lets Talk About Battle Brothers!

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I broke my own rule last night and brought a early access game. I’ve been addicted to Battle Brothers since I downloaded it. 

Battle Brothers has been in early access for some time now, but it’s seen some significant improvements over time. I felt comfortable enough to purchase it because of the great job the developers have done updating this game over time. Buying a early access game is always risky. Some games are never leave early access while others are taken out of early access too soon.


The unique thing about Battle Brothers is that it has a  procedurally generated world. Every time you play it’ll be completely different. This game is also really fucking hard. It’s actually the hardest game I’ve played this year by far. I’ve played games with perma-death before so I’m no stranger to the feature, but I swear the RNG gods hate me in this game. I’m already on my third playthrough because I got wiped out the first two times.

I’m not doing so bad this time. I’ve managed to get a group of 10 mercenaries together and I got almost everyone some decent gear. I’m only accepting 1 or 2 skull contracts so I can save up enough money to get us all some awesome gear, but it’s hard because I’ve lost a lot of good men. I do have my core group of guys that are well armed, but the newbies tend to suffer at the beginning of new contracts. Every mercenary that I recruit has some sort of passive bonuses. Some of these bonuses are great, but some of them are really bad too. It’s up to the player to decide to keep the person they just hired or let them walk.


I also avoided buying experience mercs for now because I’m limited in cash. I’ve been getting the cheap guys, but so far I’ve been pretty lucky with my buying decisions. I’ve gotten one or two psychos on my team and I have to keep an eye on them whenever I visit other villages or towns, but they fight like trolls on crack and I can’t afford to let them go.

Battle Brothers is only $20 on Steam and it’s the most expensive early access game I’ve ever brought. As a matter of fact it’s only the second early access game I’ve ever brought and it’s the best early access game I’ve ever played. The first early access game I brought was Darkest Dungeon by the way.

Have you played Battle Brothers? What do you think of it?

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Share Your Thoughts!