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I played Bless Online for a few hours yesterday and I decided to share my thoughts with everyone. Is Bless as bad as everyone made it out to be? 

Bless Online… is horrible. I hate to jump on the hate train. I’m usually that person that defends games that the majority of people consider bad. I did it with Mass Effect: Andromeda and I was hoping that this game would have some kind of redeeming factor that would at least let me want to play it casually, but I was bored out of my mind the entire time I played this game. It starts off bad and it only got worse from there. When I booted up the game it gave me a choose of 4 different races (your standard human, elf, beast, and lolli), and 8 classes to choose from. Two of those classes are locked and I’m assuming the only way to unlock is either by paying for them or by completing some task in game. Either way I don’t care because this game is incredibly boring, has mind-numbingly dumb gameplay, shitty graphics, and generic quests. 

The dialogue is uninteresting, the gameplay pales in comparison to other action MMOs like Tera and Black Desert and I never bothered to read most of the dialogue because it’s worse than high school fan-fiction. The gameplay is the worse offender of them all. After every action I have to wait for a cooldown before I can perform another attack. What is this 2006? This game is advertised as an action MMO, but the cooldown makes it feel like a tab target one. I can’t even mash my basic attacks like I can in just about every other MMO out there today. It makes fighting enemies a long and boring affair. The animations aren’t even cool to look at to make the long fights somewhat tolerable. 

One thing I did like about this game is the character creator. It’s not Black Desert, but it’s really good. I can spend hours creating the perfect in game character, but what’s the point when the other 99% of the game is complete trash? Well… I’m just assuming that it’s trash because I have no intention to grind myself to end game to find out. The beginning of this game is a chore. It’s not fun like Guild Wars 2 and ESO. Both of those games encourage, and reward, exploration. There’s no room in my life for Bless Online. It doesn’t do anything better than any of the MMOs that I’ve mentioned on this list. The gameplay isn’t really action oriented like Tera, the world is bland and lifeless, the quest are boring, the dialogue is bad, and the graphics are on Unreal Engine 3. Yes, I said 3. There’s a new Bless game in development for Xbox One that’s being developed on Unreal Engine 4, but unless they completely overhaul the way you level up in this game I doubt I’ll bother checking that game out. Especially if it’s not free to play when it launches. 

The leveling up process is the worst of the current generation of MMOs. It’s not noob friendly. This game requires you to grind mobs of enemies by yourself until you’re at least level 22. Why? Because you can’t play in your first group dungeon until you’re level 37. You have to do the same solo dungeon over and over and over until you get decent gear and by then you’ll probably be tired of this game. I know I was. Group play in a dungeon that you need loot from is bad. Why? Because the loot drops is completely RNG based and you could end up getting nothing for your time. It’s best to solo the shit until you get every possible drop before attempting to team up with other people. Meanwhile games like ESO gives everyone their own loot. 

Bless Online is a mess. It’s not fun to play and the only thing about this game that I can praise is the character creator. There are hundreds of options available to make the perfect character, but the rest of game is filled with bullshit for you to grind through. It’s up to you if you think that sounds fun, but I’ll rather go back to playing ANY other MMO before I ever play this one again. 

Have you played Bless Online? What did you think of it? Did you like it more than me?  

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Share Your Thoughts!