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Let’s Talk About Bless Unleashed!

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Bless Unleashed is available to play if you’ve bought one of the founder packs. If not, you’ll have to wait until the 12th of this month to play and it’s completely free to play so have no reason not to try the game out.

I dropped $20 for early access and for that nice looking mount that came with it. I had very low expectations coming into this game because of how bad the PC version of it is. You can click here for my thoughts on that one. So how good is the Xbox version of Bless Online? Well… lets clear something up before I even get to that. Bless Online and Bless Unleashed are two completely different games. They’re just set in the same universe (I think) and have the same lore. That’s it.

Bless Unleashed is, so far anyway, not that bad. I actually had fun playing it today for a few hours. Most of my time was spent collecting iron ore to level up my crafting skill because I enjoy doing shit like that in MMOs. And there was a surprisingly large amount of people playing it and the only way to play right now is the buy the game before it goes free to play on the 12th.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? When I booted up Bless Unleashed I was greeted to five character classes. The first character I went with was the berserker because I loved the design of the bestial race in the game. I ended up deleting that character two hours later because I thought I was too short. Yes, that really bothered me.

When I re-created my character I went with a Crusader. I’m usually a mage or two-handed warrior and thought it would be a nice change of pace to go sword & board for once. I chose the adorable looking Ippin race, spent about 20 minutes perfecting him and started my adventure. Bless Unleashed has a really good character creator. You can be as in-depth as you want with it and create some really neat looking characters.

What followed wasn’t so good. The tutorial and entire story building up to you getting to the main game was terrible. The cutscenes had a big camera issue, I experienced some screen tearing during those cutscenes, the voice acting is shit, and the overall plot is really mediocre when compared to some of the better MMOs out there.

It was when I was finally transported to the actual game that I started to have fun. I joined a gigantic group of players and murdered this poor wolf king about 30 times. I walked away at level 5 with about 20k in currency on me and some neat loot too. I gathered different plants, ores, cooked at a campfire, and fought some bad guys while taking in the sights. This game looks night and day better than the original game on PC did and it plays a lot better too. I’m actually rewarded for clearing mobs with other players or joining in on an ongoing boss fight.

I liked leveling up my various different job skills like crafting and alchemy. I enjoyed cooking meals at the campfire and serving it to other players and I enjoyed the combat. The combat is much better this time around than it was in the original game. It’s in real-time and not tab targeting like the original game was. It’s not fast-paced like Black Desert’s combat is though. It’s slower-paced and weighty and I’m not entirely sure if I love it or not yet because I’m only level 6 and I need more time with it.

One thing I do know is that I don’t like the stamina system at all. You can roll one time during battle and rolling itself is basically useless. I have yet to dodge an attack by rolling. Running out of the way works, but rolling doesn’t. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it though. I really enjoyed playing this game today and the only reason why I got off was because my wife wanted a turn. I do think it’s odd that Bless Unleashed is an Xbox exclusive. But if it’s successful maybe we’ll see more console exclusive MMOs start popping up.

Let’s talk about the graphics in this game. The graphics are… hit and miss. The environments range from looking really good to just okay and the character models are the same way. As a matter of fact, every NPC I’ve talked to in the game up to this point is really stiff and lifeless, but the actual in-game animations that play while I’m running around and fighting shit is actually really good.

The performance is also really good. I’ve participated in multiple boss battles with over 30 players and my performance never dipped. I am on the Xbox One X though. I have no idea how well your OG Xbox or Xbox One S would perform under those same circumstances. Actually, I do. The OG Xbox would most likely struggle and slow down in moments like that. On the X it’s perfect and just when I think the Xbox One X can’t impress me anymore it does.

I also really like the soundtrack. Once I started to pay attention to what was playing the background as I collected iron ore I really enjoyed listening to what was happening in the background when I wasn’t surrounded by 100 players making a shit ton of noise around me.

There’s a lot to like about Bless Unleashed. It’s not redefining the MMO genre as Guild Wars 2 did and it’s not adding anything new to it either. It is a much better game than its PC counterpart and I think people will enjoy this game. It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad either and for this to be an Xbox exclusive is impressive. I was really impressed with the performance and gameplay over the complete shit pile that was Bless Online on PC.

Are you going to try Bless Unleashed on Xbox?

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Share Your Thoughts!