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Let’s Talk About Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night!

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For the last 6 and a half hours I’ve been lost in Artplay’s latest game, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Koji Igarashi (Castlevania) has created something special here. This game looks, sounds, and plays like a classic Castlevania game. The nostalgia and homages that I’ve experienced while playing this game is fantastic. I giggled like a little school girl when I saw the floating paintings. This game is Castlevania with a different name and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

I’ve gone up against a few bosses and so far I’ve been incredibly lucky. Nothing has managed to kill me yet. Well… no boss has managed to kill me yet. I have died (twice) from traps and enemies. I’m really enjoying this game. So much that I’m finding it hard to put down. I’m currently lost somewhere in this massive castle and I’ve gotten a bunch of new skills, weapons, and armor pieces. Including a piece that turns me into Shovel Knight! I had to take it off though because I lost my double jump when I equipped it and that’s a must have ability in this game. This is a Metroidvania game. That means that you’re going to get lost, come across an area that you can’t traverse because you don’t have a certain ability, and do a LOT of backtracking. And I fucking love it. 

Bloodstained is everything I wanted it to be. I’ll admit that I was concerned about this game because of how many times it was pushed back, but my fears were just that. Fears. There’s nothing wrong with this game. I haven’t experienced a single bug, fps drop, or issue in this game at all. It runs like a wet dream and has to be one of the best performing games I’ve played this year. I know some people are having problems with the console ports, but I can’t hold that against this game because they’re not happening to me. 

So I’ve talked a little about the gameplay, but how is the story? Well, it’s there. It’s interesting and it’s not. It’s just there, but I’ll be honest with you. I don’t play this genre for the story. I’m in it for the gameplay and interesting characters and so far I really like the main protagonist, but don’t really like any of her companions. The main villain seems interesting and some of the other characters that I’ve run into (that’s not in the main hub with me) are interesting too.

Bloodstained is great and I can’t wait to play it some more. I’m lost, have no idea where I’m going or what to do next and I couldn’t be happier. Bloodstained feels like what a modern Castlevania game would be if Konami ever decided to do anything with the series again. 

What do you think of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night? Do you like it? Hate it? Let me know!

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Share Your Thoughts!