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Let’s Talk About Borderlands 3!

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I had major mixed feelings on Borderlands 3 when I started it. Why? Because Gearbox chose the worst starting location in the entire series. Here’s what I thin of it so far. 

Borderlands 3 is great. I knew I would love the game, but I have no problem stating that part 2 is the superior game. I didn’t like Borderlands 3 for the first 4 or 5 hours because it started off so slow and boring. I have no problem starting on Pandora again. That’s all we’ve ever known in this series (except for the Pre-sequel) and Pandora does have some really nice locations. We started off in a nice snowy landscape in 2 and dry desertisque land in 1. Part 3 does what 1 did, but worse. On my first character (Amara) I did everything on Pandora and hated it. On my second character (Moze), I got to level 8 and dipped.

After we left Pandora the game became fun. I got my own room on the new Sanctuary, got some sweet loot from the golden chest, and traveled to a new planet. Amara started getting really strong around level 12 and I could easily tank things. Now, I’m level 22 and my melee attack does just as much damage as my guns. Amara is a beast and I really like her. My wife is Moze and she’s incredibly strong too. I’ve found a bunch of legendaries and we’re after that Maya part. 

Borderlands 3’s story is… average at best. They tried to shock us by doing something to someone, but it didn’t pay off. The main antagonist are absolutely terrible and is no Jack. The writing is poor when compared to Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 had a natural feel to everything while Borderlands 3 feels forced. Some of the comedy and side quest are really good though. The main quest is where I’m having trouble caring because none of the main characters do. So why should I? 

The gameplay is the best it’s ever been in the series. This game is incredibly fun to play and it stayed faithful to the previous games by giving us a shit ton of guns to shoot shit with. It’s still as ridiculous as ever and we’ve got four new vault hunters to play around with. I’ve tried three out of the 4 out and I only really like one of them right now. Guns now have multiple firing modes. If you don’t want an automatic assault rifle you can switch it to burst fire mode. There’s a gun that allows you to fire a tracking grenade that’ll make all of your shots hit the enemy. Even if you’re not facing them! 

There’s a lot to love about Borderlands 3. The different biomes are impressive, you get your own spaceship, the same loot and shoot gameplay is better than ever, and it’s the same ole Borderlands that we all know and love. It just has a fresh coat of paint on it. We don’t need Borderlands to be Destiny. We need Borderlands to be Borderlands and that’s exactly what we got here. More of the same, but it’s damn good and I can’t wait to get to writing my review. 

Not everything is all peachy in this game though. There’s some serious issues on every version of the game. The one I’m focusing on is the PC version though. There’s a save bug. My wife lost almost 8 hours of progress on her character and I had to grind her back up to my level and story point before I progressed in my story. It was fucking aggravating and I wanted to quit, but I stuck with it because I know how my wife must have felt about it. I’ve crashed to desktop about 5 times in 20 hours and I get some pretty bad FPS dips when I shouldn’t. Borderlands 3 is a buggy mess and that’s a shame because this is a damn good game. 

What do you think of Borderlands 3? Are you happy with it?

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Share Your Thoughts!