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Let’s Talk About Cat Quest II!

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The first Cat Quest game captured many hearts with it’s funny story, simple controls, and cat puns. Cat Quest II adds to all of that, but allows you to experience it all in local co-op! Here’s what I think of Cat Quest II so far.

I loved the first Cat Quest game. It was a neat little game that let me play in a world filled with adorable cats and it bought the cat lover out of me. One of my gripes with the game was that it didn’t have local co-op. I couldn’t play this game with my kids or wife. We all loved the game and had to take turns with it because of the lack of local co-op. The developers must have known how much people wanted this feature because it’s one of the main selling points of Cat Quest II. 

The second player will play as a dog while player one plays as the cat. You’re both royalty and have to save the world again. The gameplay is identical to the first game. Nothing has changed. It’s just with two players now. It’s incredibly easy for people of all ages to pick up and play and have a good time. It offers enough content to keep adults engaged and is simple enough for young kids to enjoy. I’ve played this with both my wife and daughter and we all had a great time. My daughter did not struggle with fighting enemies, but did die a few times from the traps that are spread out across each dungeon. 

If a player does go down all you have to do is stand near them and they’ll eventually get back up. I’m playing as a healer so I can keep my kids alive when they’re low on health. Cat Quest II is identical to the first game and that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s still really adorable, filled with even more puns, and has a big, beautiful map to explore. There’s more weapons, armor, magic, and secrets to discover and you can experience it all with a your kid, friend, loved one, or alone. It’s up to you and if you’re a parent looking to play a good game with your child I highly recommend this game. I think the both of you will have a blast playing together. 

Cat Quest II is out now on Steam and will release on other platforms on October 24th. 

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Share Your Thoughts!