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Let’s Talk About Dark Devotion!

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I’m (and you probably are too) an Amazon Prime member and that gives me some neat freebies from Twitch every month. Dark Devotion was one of the free games that I received on Twitch recently so I decided to download the Amazon game app on my PC and try it out. And I have mixed feelings on it.

Dark Devotion is a game that seemed like it would be for me on paper, but the execution of it left much to be desired in the two hours that I’ve played of it so far. Dark Devotion is another one of those 2D Metroidvania styled Soulsborne games. The big difference is that this is a roguelike game. Meaning when you die you’ll have to start over from scratch with next to nothing. Roguelike games are one of my least favorite genres, but this genre does have some gems like Dead Cells and Tangledeep.

I don’t know if I’ll add Dark Devotion to that very short list of roguelike games that I like yet. The gameplay here is very basic and… well… not fun. I like the dark aesthetic and the lore seems like it could be interesting, but actually playing the game is not fun to me. I did a few runs and I died each time, but I did make it further and further with every new attempt. One thing I like is that every new weapon you find is added to the loot pool so when you die again you’ll have the option of spending some cash to take your favorite weapon with you. This took away some of the repetition, but it didn’t help make the gameplay any better. You can’t jump in a Metroidvania and that is automatically a deal-breaker for me.

There were so many situations that I was in that a simple jump could’ve helped me surpass, or avoid, and not being able to do something so simple really killed this game for me. Dark Devotion is honestly a really simple game. Maybe too simple for its own good. It’s a weak Metroidvania and weak roguelike game when compared to the excellent Dead Cells. So… maybe it’s not worthy enough of a game to be added to my very, very short list of roguelike games that I actually like. This is not a genre that I typically enjoy and Dark Devotion is just… not good. At least it’s not to me and that’s all I can really say about it. I only played it for a few hours and that few hours was enough for me to know that I’ll probably never play this game again.

What do you think of Dark Devotion? While we’re on the topic of roguelike games what do you think of the genre? Feel free to let me know here, Twitter, or Facebook and if you enjoyed reading this please click on that subscribe button for more content.

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